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   one winter in the home appliance market, the rise of smart appliances have not yet nodes, water purifier market is thriving, its scale contrarian growth. Currently the water purifier market in the early stages of development, the stage of cohabitation, but also shuffle stage. In the next three to five years, must be a period of high growth industries, preliminary judgment, the water purifier market size will grow from currently about 30 billion to 2022 to reach one hundred billion of the outlet.



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water purifier thriving market of its size in the trend growth


At present, from water penetration net product point of view, Chinas penetration rate is only 6%, while the international, European and American penetration may reach 70% -80%, Japan and South Korea can even reach 80% -90%, showing that our countrys water purification huge room for growth in the market.

   Why, then, our water purifier market has such a sufficient space, the development speed is not fast? The first of these net drinking water products like air-conditioning products, consumers are very easy to perceive changes in temperature, safe air conditioning can cool or, as the product of such TV, buy a TV, the family can sit together to watch. But for the net product of drinking water, many consumers consumers of this awareness is not enough, that is a start to drink tap water, heating drinking water, are also no problem, so to enhance this awareness is not enough.

   As for the problem of insufficient consumer awareness, as consumers continue to improve the standard of living, quality of life requirements will continue to improve the understanding of healthy living will be improved, including information now very smooth case, there may be a number of incidents of water pollution, this invisible education, consumers will increasingly conscious of the net product of drinking water.

   Second, in the early stages of Chinas net water machine and accessories business nearly 3000, cohabitation, leading companies should be more education market, we should continue to have seminars or dissemination of knowledge of healthy drinking water. The standard water purifier also need clear, with this standard, consumers will be able to judge, to buy a product which is relatively safe, the consumer must be gradually formed a very intuitive standard for water purifier.

   Finally, in many domestic enterprises and products net drinking water service is not doing well, the beginning of some foreign brands to enter the time, noWe have established a system service, because the product is not a one-time net sales of drinking water products, such as the need to replace the filter within a certain period of time, when these services can not keep up, the choice of consumers, the rapid development of the industry is influential.

   and for the development of the B-side of the market, can clearly feel that, from the beginning of 2017, the market started its rapid development in the previous, basically there are very few companies are able to reach 100 million size. With the changes in consumer awareness and demand, now such as airports, high-speed railway stations, schools, hospitals, office buildings and other public places to provide drinking water area. It can be seen inside the commercial environment of strong demand has emerged, detection mechanisms established, it is in a state of rapid development.

   When market conditions become better players want to snatch the cake will increase

   In addition to traditional companies added arena, millet that Internet companies have joined, the biggest difference is that millet want to solve its ecosystem inside interoperability, water purifier is only a part of its ecosystem. From the future perspective of the development, ecology is both a breadth of consumer demand, it is a deep specialty. In the competitive landscape change, said the change is obvious that hole, "by the decentralized variable focus, and the next step, any category will remain one of the best brands, that is, two yuan law."

   On the future What challenges challenges?

   During the upgrade, we now need to address the product under different scenarios; on sales system will also make a "U-turn" from what has technology products sold to consumers, into a need for more many consider the needs of consumers, in turn, provide solutions, capacity building entire marketing system is different; clean drinking water from the service life of the product problems will be affected, so we can test high-quality product stability control when have encountered problems can quickly solve problems.

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