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  The face of high-end consumer groups introduce water purification products to pay attention to these points Author: Tim net water purification Views: 830 Published: 2016-10-8 10:26:17 home water purifier can provide a safe and hygienic drinking water. For the moment the consumer home water purifier features are not unfamiliar. High-end consumers for home water purifier consumer demand is what it looks like. Introduction of high-end consumers of household water purifiers when it should focus on what terms? 1. Introduction of water purification products not to be too complex for high-end customers villa crowd, we introduce water purification products when there is no need to be so complicated, simple is better now than it popular? Many times, we give customers about when we first focus results product, the use of this product will achieve what the outcome, the process is not important, the most critical results. We can use the word, the water quality of your home water purification better than in Europe, for these high-end crowd, and we do not than domestic, European and our quality ratio. Although we rarely go to Europe, but we often see such a scene in the film, on the streets of Europe, there are a lot of taps. You can be assured of a quick drink, and need not worry about water quality problems. 2. Grasp the focus needs a very simple word, the water quality of your home water purification better than in Europe, voiced the aspirations of high-end customer groups, customers tastes raised a notch. If the customer then asked time again, we focus on the results to the customers about our products, just said, direct drinking water to drink, customers are basically clear, then how are we to get the point of it? How are we going to attract customers to facilitate large single it? when we introduce to customers, in addition to basic drinking water, bathing water to be more focused. Think about it, these high-end customer groups, drink water most of the time out to socialize when they are resolved, a busy day home, they take baths at home, its time to enjoy the rest. In many cases, bathing water for them, but also attention than drinking water, we focused on bathing water quality, the benefits of bathing water on the body, the importance of bathing water on health. 3. Bathing Water: Skin absorption is you can not see the harm bath is a major route of human contact with water, whether cold winter or hot summer, tiring day you enjoy after arriving homeWater intimacy, how much better. But have you ever thought about, seemingly transparent, clean water, sometimes contains many harmful substances. With tap water bath for ten minutes, the residual chlorine in tap water pervasive, chlorine in the bathroom, 40% after inhalation us our bodies, 30% to infiltrate our bodies through the skin. Skin is the largest human respiratory organs, preliminary studies have shown that ingestion of harmful chemicals in drinking water may not be the main cause of the way, people have studied the case of skin absorption and intake of breath. Oral inhalation of 90% of the tap water of harmful toxins will be excreted through the drain, but you can not imagine that the water absorbed through the skin in 90% of the harmful toxins can remain in the body. From this point of view, bath water is far more important than drinking water. Bathing water is so important to our lives, so we when to introduce high-end consumers, and focus more on results and focus, so that resonate with consumers.

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