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  Tim net water purifier: water purifier market competition increased, the wise of wins: Tim net water purification Views: 520 Published: 2017-3-18 10:14:47 2016 household water purification industry breakthrough steady, sales reached 20.3 billion, while the 2017 household water purifier industry sales could more than 30 billion, and by 2020, the market scale of Chinas water purifier likely will exceed 90 billion yuan. 鎭噣鍑€姘达細鍑€姘村櫒甯傚満绔炰簤鍔犲ぇ锛屾櫤鑰呰儨 explosive growth let companies see business opportunities, but also induced an unprecedented influx of fierce collision. Problem of environmental pollution in recent years continue to impact peoples awareness, especially water, is known as the source of life could not escape the mad pursuit of economic consequences brought about when the health threats filled the hearts of everyone. So far, the national attention, the public focus, water purifier market came into being under the eye. Water purifier market targeting opportunities open development acceleration according to 2015 National Water Quality Data "China State of Environment" released by the excellent 5118 groundwater monitoring water quality was only 9.1%, worse grade nearly half (42.5%), which shows that China has water environment facing the grim situation. Water pollution control nature is not be completed overnight, so the water purifier market is also aimed at the opportunity to open the acceleration. According to publicly available data, water purification equipment market growth in 2013 year on year increase of up to 74.5% in 2012, are in the market to almost 65% of the speed of rapid expansion by 2015. 2016, retail sales of water purification market reached 20.3 billion, PRC, according to estimates, by 2017 this is expected to refresh the data to 34.1 billion. In addition, the Investment Adviser Industry Research Center released a report, in 2020 China water purifier market size may broke through 90 billion. Many companies flocked to join the water purifier market awakened the awareness of water pollution and water quality for safe water, but also awakened a general surge in growth as the rocket ride of a huge market, while more awakened enthusiasm of business investment. According to the China Household Electrical Appliances Association statistics, there are over 3000 water purifier manufacturers on the market, more than 5,000 water purifier brand, Quan Lu, Patio, the United States and so there are many SMEs are carving up the market share. Market competition wins Big Wave Gold Rush wise men say, someoneWhere there are rivers and lakes, there is no shortage of competition in the market place, a large number of companies and capital influx also represents you to compete with the situation can not be avoided. Moreover, industrial upgrading and structural adjustment, optimization technology and equipment updates, Internet + channel changes brought about by industrialization and so on external factors have urged the industry to enhance the brand of hard power, complete high-end, technology transformation, to resist a new round of out of the market turmoil. Experts believe that by 2017, "Matthew Effect" shuffle effect will be more obvious. Indeed, the water purifier market cake is very attractive, very bright prospects, business opportunities everywhere, but only a profound understanding of the opportunities and risks, the rapid growth of its own power is benevolent, can either gold market turmoil transit and I shall stays, with more condensate real basis for continued beyond the technical, full of equipment to win the gold content in the future.

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