Water purification industry development trend analysis of Ch
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   water purification industry is optimistic about the industry in 2016 year, the momentum of rapid development of enterprises from ambitious annual plan began to take shape. But the development of the industry in addition to encouraging people to inspire ambition, but also cold rational thinking and judgment under the hot trend.

   Over the past year, water purification industry began to bid farewell to the extensive development stage, influential companies do large-scale, while consciously strengthen brand building, not spent on improving brand awareness little thought.

   a lot of water purifier water purifier companies advertising onto the screen CCTV, CCTV, local media, outdoor, Internet and other media together to create a three-dimensional full range of integrated marketing communication system, the net promotion and popularization of the water industry bigger and stronger products are made of the contribution can not be denied.


   Overall, in 2016, with the rapid development of water purification industry, and take a different route through brand-building needs more intense, more companies will increase the brand through a variety of ways construction, and strive to industry entrenched companies.

   At present, China water purifier market penetration rate of around 6%, well below the 70% penetration of Western developed countries, coupled with Chinas large population, which bears the self-evident gaps in the market, [123 ]

   safety, health, environmental protection concept deeply rooted

   Today, consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and environmental protection, "safety, health, environmental protection" as the character of green products are increasingly favored. In fact, green production and green consumption has become an international trend. In international trade, some developed countries have strict mandatory technical standards through legislation to restrict it does not meet environmental protection standards of foreign imports.

   consumers to buy products more rational


   selected so that consumers are no longer passive, they have begun a dialogue with the business dialogue with companies, we believe that can change that by their own strength a passive situation. Consumers increasingly do not trust the authorities, more trust their instincts and reputation, the product will express their views.

   At the same time, consumers also know how to use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, the rise of consumer groups, heralded the era of combination of production and marketing, has become concerned about the voice of the consumer water purifier manufacturers to open up the market basic requirement.

   more and more attention to the final consumerEnd experience

   into the water purifier brand experience stores, to participate in activities of end-user experience has become the main way consumers understand the product. The terminal stores display requirements for water purification products increasing, supporting the significance of experiential design brand development has become increasingly prominent.

   consumers in an intuitive feel of the terminal stores, is likely to become an important weight buy this brand products. Supplies bit for the brand, will help enterprises in the minds of consumers high-quality, high-quality brand image.

   According to the "2013--2017 Chinas water purification industry competition pattern and development trend analysis report" analysis of the past five years the water purification industry average growth rate of more than 20% over the next ten years will be prime time optimal development of water purification industry, water purifier market in 2016 will be more standardized in bedding accumulated in the past two years, and maturing consumer groups will also sell water purifiers to provide marketing support.

   hot water purification industry to follow the inevitable trend of market development, demand from the market point of view, household water purifiers with peoples lives, from drinking water daily to cook, cook soup are not from boiling water, if long-term use of unclean water, because the water is ranging from impurities such as calcium and magnesium ions cause stones, heavy due to heavy metals, antibiotics, cancer-causing germs, the mouth, in front of consumers increasing emphasis on "health" concept, home high-precision preparation of water purification effect of clean water is widely recognized.

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