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  A pond of clear water hidden secret is slowly being exposed, with the recent problem of antibiotic exposure detected in tap water, water safety issues once again become a priority concern of the people. In heavily amid concerns among many consumers are surprised by the beauty of the water appliances in positive action to defend the water healthy. March 11, the United States on its water appliances O2O micro live conference launched a new 2015 new water purifier and into five major advantages to force water quality problems, water hazards and resolutely say no! It is understood that the United States is the latest step in its water appliances actually long insisted the "core performance, upgrade the core technology as the foundation, the depth of excavation consumer needs and solve consumer pain points, enhance the consumer experience, and through differentiation, form the core platform for the future, technical barriers" development strategy coincide, the company established the "wisdom of home-health water" brand positioning guide also continue to increase its R & D efforts, and strive to provide consumers with fresh and healthy drinking water. Innovation to address environmental mutations leading the new domestic water due to the new trend of urbanization in recent years to accelerate the pace of regional economic development, water resources in some areas increasingly overwhelmed, many cities have appeared groundwater water quality eutrophication, excessive iron and manganese and other issues . Only in 2014, the countrys excessive security incidents tap water will occur. January-April 2014, the nationwide exposure of up to a dozen events since the water problem, especially after the Lanzhou water pollution, drinking water safety and haze days, become a hot topic of public concern, but also deeply aware of the public "water crisis" has a non-alarmist. Late last year, Yang Mei disclosure Haihe River, the Yangtze River, Huangpu River, Pearl River and other major rivers point detection section of antibiotics, even the detection of antibiotics in Nanjing tap water, drinking water safety problem caused even more worrying. This remark is true now more than 90 percent of my countrys urban waters are subject to different degrees of pollution, a source of water passing rate of cities tap water is only about 70% of medium and small cities of source water passing rate is lower. In this environment, consumers urgently need a safe and effective way to ensure healthy drinking water. For rising consumer demand for water security, water appliances US commitment to innovation and respond to environmental changes, industry experts gather strength, overcome technical bottlenecks, the introduction of new water purifier 2015, leading the new trend of domestic water. US water appliances US official release of new products for water purificationFor the new masterpiece of beauty water appliances, the morning of 11 companies in Shanghai New International Expo Center held a spectacular live micro O2O conference, the United States officially released the new water purifier. Compared with past products, the United States adopted a new water purifier breakthrough second-generation dynamic core, while increasing the generation of new medical grade nano material, penetrating the active bacteria destroys the cell wall synthesis enzymes, achieve a permanent anti-bacterial effect. Not only that, the chip also continues the United States no tank water purifier advantages of using medical grade PE material, has good chemical stability and biological safety. PE is no longer only ingredient precipitation, in order to achieve the effect of non-toxic and harmless to humans. United States within the water appliances stakeholders in an interview with reporters, after the water purification tank water purifier will be stored in the tank once used up, then under normal circumstances, it will remain until the next base, and then with purified water mixing. Long-term so easily cause secondary pollution. "In contrast, US tankless water purifier using the dynamic pressure core barrel substituted bulky original such activity using a core material of a medical grade PE pumping using pump power, and buoyancy to the top with water level auto-detection, negative air bag that is filtered so as to achieve the effect of the drink, how much to drink can do so filter, the vividness of its natural self-evident. "Reporters on the scene learned that the United States water appliances in the future will continue to differentiate innovation and upgrading, create a genuine "wisdom home-health water" in the sense intended to focus on in order to bring more fresh and more healthy life drinking experience.

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