Why ceramic cup with black spots
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   2020-06-05 A friend asked why the ceramic mug with black spots, Xiao Bian to help a friend to figure out this problem made the following investigation, please read carefully.




2020-06-05 A friend asked why I ceramic cup with black spots, on the issue of small series will conduct detailed investigation, please focus on the survey results, small opportunity Code also give you the popularity of home drinking little knowledge, I hope you know what cup to drink water is the safest.


Why ceramic cup with black spots, please read the following;


ceramic cup with a long time after the color of the surface of the uranium out, there will be such spots, ceramics are made of iron element hair color, while the black dot is actually iron plaque, because the glaze is pure minerals from grinding day, upon firing using the ancient method of reducing burn, like proportion than the 99.9 percentile of gold Like, even if now and then advances the process can not be absolutely purification, so there will be black spots. These spots are not harmful to the body, which is the embryo of iron.


Tips: If specks can try ceramic cup with sandpaper gently wipe the steel ball, note that the intensity can not be large, washing after wiping remember. You can also use toothpaste to scrub, which is the most simple and practical way.


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