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water pollution shocking, senior secondary pollution pipeline old tank, when life-threatening drinking water, household water purifiers will become daily on thousands of Chinese families safe drinking water net choice. Today, water purifier market in full swing, as one of the top ten brands of water purifiers water purifier Korean music, high-tech, high standards and high quality world famous, to become Chinas consumer safety net thousands of drinking water choice.


Recently, Le water purifier Han Han the manufacturers of new music Seiko water machine - Le Han water machine HL-RO100G-108A generation quick-connect cartridge, quality assured, equal to 5 seconds for the core renewal. The full range of water machine can purify your drinking water, to solve the drinking straight, tea, milk, red coffee, soups, cooking and other comprehensive straight drinking water, pure water production reached 400 gallons = 1514 liters of pure water retention pure water sanitation, health and safety is fully guaranteed.



for the people you love, for a healthy life, choose Han Yue-pure water. Korean music water machine HL-RO100G-108A using a multidimensional purification technique, in combination through a series of filter process, completely filter out heavy metals in water, the compound pesticide residues, bacteria and other impurities, water demand user comprehensive solution. Good fresh water, fresh filtered drinking fresh, clean water straight drinking fountains small family workshop. It has a stylish appearance, with a streamlined design, modern and full of stylish appearance, decorate your home space. Effective removal of scale, high-precision filter, a purely physical process to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, make pure drinking water has become, allowing you to scale away from trouble. Space technology RO reverse osmosis, using one of the six high-tech century, the deployment of US space research and development, to solve the drinking water professional astronaut spaceship advanced technology. Filter out heavy metals, the use of US imports KDF, filter out heavy metals in water, protect your family healthy drinking water. Purely physical filtration, without any agent, reasonable quality to ensure safety, the filter design, the same multi-stage pretreatment system, effectively extending the life of the core the RO membranes, post-processing system using, effectively improve the taste.



In terms of the filter, Le Han filter with integrated snap integrally molded directly linked to buckle, forming, machine aesthetic, simple internal structure greatly enhanced. The first generation of Korean music buckle safety filter, three seconds "for the core" is equal to new ones, food grade ABS material, the requirements for water, we are demanding,To defend the national drinking water health, clean water is born, Han Yue water machine HL-RO100G-108A, such as BB like to give you intimate care, access to drinking water for the material, we must be security was assured. Han Yue food grade ABS material, non-toxic, no side effects, so you use a more assured.



Han Yue water machine HL-RO100G-108A-- net water depth customization brand, famous movie star Kristy brand endorsements, CCTV CCTV broadcasting brand, brand depth and breadth of rising to a new level . Han Yue water purifier, whole core upgrade for quality escort, let your home a paycheck!


in water purification Join manufacturers Which is better? Han Yue water purifier to support a stronger, better quality, better after-sale. Han Yue water purifier manufacturers, you are welcome to plant site visits, reimbursement of travel expenses, dedicated to know and love your healthy life.

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