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   replace the filter regularly is the key

   filter is the core of the water purifier, purified water quality is good or bad depends largely on the filter, but also determines the future use of everyday spending. Water purifiers in use, be sure to regularly replace the filter element, otherwise, not only would not achieve the purifying effect, can also cause secondary pollution.



   However, we understand that business for many brands on the market water purifier, replace the filter is not quite the same, making it difficult for consumers to purify water after accurately determine, when filter change, how to change has become a problem plagued consumers.

   for a famous brand of water purifiers customer service told us that if the water purifier is recommended PP cotton filter replacement cycle of four to six months; pre-carbon filter is 8 to 12 months; post carbon the filter is 12 to 18 months; membrane filter of 18 to 24 months; reverse osmosis filter is 18 to 24 months.

   a certain brand of water purification engineer Zhongbao Yong said that usually follow the total household water purification filter element to be replaced regularly, if consumers can not grasp when to change, to see the product manual, the above should have clear requirements .


   water purifier

   home water purifier must be in the use of maintenance can extend the life of its water purification can be guaranteed.

   China Household Electrical Appliances Association released the "Chinese water treatment products consumer research report" shows that 33.7% of users had "general" assessment of the water purifier business service, dissatisfied and very dissatisfied rating 66.3 %.

   "Such findings fully weakness storm drain water purifier industry - service system is not perfect," secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association Xu Dongsheng said the water purifier needs routine maintenance, maintenance, replacement of consumables , very high service requirements.

   experts have warned that, when a small amount of water purifiers and other abnormal situation occurs, it is timely to call after-sales personnel on-site maintenance.

   life tips

   pure water and water purification machines What is the difference?

   At present, most consumers of water purifier RO reverse osmosis machine and super filtration machines, commonly referred to as pure water and the water purifier. The average consumer can be distinguished from the following two aspects:

   First, the art

   The biggest difference between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technology lies in filtration accuracy.

   Reverse osmosis: means applying a high osmotic pressure than the ambient pressure at the inlet side of the membrane, allowing only certain components of the solution and water selective permeation of other substances is impermeable trapped in the film surface process, referred to as the RO, which filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micron.

   UF: In a pressure difference as the driving force, separating the molecular weight range of several hundred to several million, membrane pore size from about 0.001 to 0.2 micron physical screening process, referred to as the UF, which was filtered to 0.001 micron.

   Second, the structure

   of pure water: booster pump requires a power source, the storage tank, typically five filters. The first stage of the filter, the second and third stage is activated, the fourth stage RO reverse osmosis membrane is used in aerospace technology, the fifth stage is refined activated carbon is mainly used to improve the taste.

   purifier: no motor, does not require power, by hydraulic drive filtered, stainless steel tube body, high temperature stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, can adapt to changes in environmental temperature.

   Third, the function

   water machine: impurities, rust, silt, colloids, bacteria, viruses, and harmful radioactive particles, organic substances, fluorescent substances, pesticides removed , it can also get rid of heavy metals and alkaline water; but it will also get rid of trace elements beneficial to humans.

   water purifier: filter out impurities in tap water, rust, some bacteria, viruses, colloids, etc., filtered water retention of trace elements beneficial to the human body.

   Fourth, the shortcomings

   of pure water: water system of pure water in the process will produce waste.

   purifier: not great effect of heavy metals and alkaline water.

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