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  Home improvement household water purifiers seven kinds of tips should know: Tim net water purification Views: 979 Published: 2014-8-14 15:30:14 Today, more than families use on a home water purifier, but due to the net water is the development time is not long, not too much popularity, a lot of people do not quite understand some small water purifier knowledge, especially tips on home water purifier. The following is Tim net water purifier small as we finishing seven tips: 1, long-term use water purifiers, its water production will gradually decline, but the quality of water still qualified, can be assured. 2, if go out tourism, travel, more than about three days, then come back you should use a water filter when repeatedly washed several minutes for water purifiers, water purifiers a few days until the presence of water are discharged from, so drink it security a lot! 3, if you use a home water purifier inside many ultra filtration membranes dry film, then you should pay attention to keep the membrane in a wet state, if ultrafiltration membrane drying, then he might water production will be greatly reduced and can not be recovered. But Tim net water purifier manufacturers have studied surplus dry film membrane, so that you can give you greatly ease a lot. 4, when using the water purifier, the water purifier to wash frequently, can effectively extend the life of the water purifier. 5, when the water without water, can be in the open sewage tap water pipe sand, rust, etc. open to drain water filter and then use a water faucet, so as to ensure the water purifiers and water purifiers water production life. 6, close the water inlet valve, cutting off the water purifier water purifier fails immediately, do not disassemble. 7 out of water with local water quality and water purifier water purifier has a great relationship. If the local water quality is not very good, when passing through the mouth water, filtered time point on the president, it will lead to much into the water, the water production also will decline, the appropriate filter life will be slightly shorter. Tim net above water purifier small to give us finishing seven point common sense attention, hoping to help you. Healthy drinking water is very important to us, if you can understand what I said great attention to point 7, I believe you will be able to drink after a healthy water every day. If you can install the correct way according to the above use home water purifier, not only can drink healthy water every day, but also effectively increase water purificationService life, better water purification.

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