United States Golden Week consumption trends released war pu
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   Golden Zhou Ganggang past, the country has emerged as a hot consumer shopping scene, retail giant Gome Golden Week this year, also through multiple marketing mix to the user "home-life" demand as the core, to play integration of online and offline, relying on nearly 1900 stores and internet store "social + business + Share" shared retail model for the user to create the ultimate shopping experience.




Consumers in the United States during November to buy home appliances

   experience scene hot commodity creative popular

   Golden year Zhou, Gome stores use technical means to reconstruct the line "of people, goods, farm." Users do not have bit like that line before, etc., checkout line, whether in stores or can be easily purchased in the United States online store merchandise, greatly saving transactions; by stores to grid management and data monitoring, inventory information, sales trends and so can real-time control, enhance operational efficiency.

   class experience, creative class of goods and services has become a hot holiday sales. "11" Golden Week this year, which, like the United States and medium-sized tower in the world experience center, which includes a variety of topics life experience area, providing various forms of experience activities and merchandise for different users, experience animation, gaming Internet cafe entertainment, not only to attract a younger user groups, and led to the sale of merchandise, the only tower in medium and large global experience center shop daily reception during the holidays thousands of customers, sales increased by over 10%, of which Teddy, A dream theme of cultural products are most popular with young people.


tower in the center of the second element of global experience Teddy subject area 瀹剁數娑堣垂瓒嬪娍



   Creative class of intelligent home appliances become the new darling of the market, Gome channel multifunction air purifier , unmanned aerial vehicles, cleaning robot, 3D projection, high-end home coffee machines, electric toothbrushes and other hot merchandise.

   intelligent travel health into the mainstream focus on quality health spending

   eleven travel intelligence, security has become a top priority for many families. Day trips take into account a long time, in order to ensure the safety of property, many families facelift ahead of the smart locks, smart locks sales channels to the United States increased significantly, and intelligent speaker is the biggest highlight of this upgrade, a small degree of intelligent speakers, ten sale of a previous periodMillion units or more.

   National Day holiday entertainment reflect the diversity of the obvious, users are no longer satisfied with simple flowers shooting landscapes, they want to shoot more new scenery and things, Gome channels of digital SLR cameras and digital cameras sales have fallen up, the surge in eleven families outbound travel demand, travel smart device sales hot, smart wear products increased 103%, selfie stick, child safety seats, mobile Wi-Fi devices such as portable has become the new darling of outbound travel. In addition to backgammon learning machine, small genius phone watches as the representative of educational products have also been Chinese family favorite.




consumers to buy new mobile phones in the United States

   lower consumption upgrade trend, users pay more attention to the quality of health consumer demand for healthy consumption they have a new understanding, air purifiers and water purifiers become necessary home. Users not only want to buy an air purifier, it is the fresh air system and air treatment whole house put forward new requirements, the choice of daily necessities class, the countrys big data show that more green brand and the product has been selected purchase.

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