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   not the old roots, each of which is girls dream of the ultimate ideal, then how can we remain pretty strong, beautiful face, same good figure, how to look so young it? Want not the old roots, we must know the reasons leading to the womans age, this is the presence in the roots of anti-aging path to victory! ! ! Three killers roots easily age a man! Urging the youthful appearances killer of three, the first is the lack of blood; the second is the winter palace; the third is the kidney. Here they teach you all aspects of the eleven break, to do the most beautiful yourself! First, the lack of womens unique physical structure of blood, by, with, tires, production, lactation are inseparable from the blood, so a lot of anemic women, blood loss, prone to cause imbalance of yin and yang, which is the gynecological disease occurs, the crux of the problem-prone. Lack of blood prone to dry, rough skin, pale complexion long spot, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath lazy words, loss of appetite, dizziness and other symptoms for women, whether for health, or for beauty, good blood should be stored. Sufficient blood is getting younger females US primary weapon, blood filling the can body through the five internal organs six internal organs, promote blood circulation, toxins from the body. Thus, the skin dark rough, dull, long spot Zhangdou, constipation, obesity, fat accumulation of natural conditions will gradually improve, changed the United States lose weight become young, no longer a problem! The loss of blood, taught you make it up! The following is an old Chinese diet recipe given specifically for women of blood and Qi, plenty of time women can be brewed their own daily consumption --鈶?take dates, wolfberry fruit, walnuts, black sesame, black beans, black rice, millet and other flavor ingredients suitable amount (three dates, walnuts two, the rest are a little, which is an amount of two people), black beans soaked in water for 3-4 hours in advance, and then adding water boiling pot together. After 鈶?boil cover pot stew for a while, and then note wolfberry five minutes before the pot off the heat in order to avoid volatilization potency. Like the soft texture can boil once again. Efficacy: blood and Qi, skin lightening, spleen and stomach, eyesight rather God before dark complexion there evil chloasma, drink for a month, face with blood, the skin is not so rough, the most amazing after the birth of a child is actually seemed to reduce some of melasma, freckle with so many products have little effect, just began to suspect that his heartManagement role only. But you see, now see the return of former friends, they were amazed how I living longer young, and their words that look just like a white Formica when I tell them that thanks to a little secret when they are chasing I want to ask. Oh, now share to the sisters, I hope you more and more young and beautiful in a beautiful way! Second, the winter palace winter palace, by definition is cold uterus, refers to the lack of women in kidney, uterus appeared lost in the warmth of the lower abdominal bulge, pain, heat gain is easing, vaginal discharge, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, the pulse was tight, Jin multiple thin white fur main symptoms. As the saying goes "riddled starting in the cold", so the impact on womens winter palace can be described as a recipe for disaster, it must be given to cure! Palace winter palace What are the symptoms? 1. endocrine disorders, acne, causing obesity. 2. dysmenorrhea, menstrual abnormalities. 3, cold hands and feet, chills, weakness. insomnia. 4, face yellowish rough, not shiny, there are stains. 5, a perennial black eye, easy to insomnia, premature aging. How conditioning winter palace? 1, during menstruation nursed back to health: use brown sugar, leaves boiled water to drink, to warm house and cold stasis. In the three days before the official holiday brown sugar water to drink every day, in order to increase the displacement, better to let the menstrual exclude clean, live blood, warm house. 2, the daily tonic: medlar, walnuts, longan, jujube, mulberry, angelica, Millettia, ginger and chicken or lamb soup, soup with a kidney yang, fill in essence nourishing purposes. Women can be targeted eat black sesame, wolfberry, red dates, yams, walnuts, peanuts and other foods warm qi, black sesame seeds are rich in iron, medlar can delay aging, liver and kidney, qi and blood red dates, yam spermatogenesis moistening, are all enable women to kidney Yang Shen, warm and cold, qi, blood grain good food, proper tonic, and then freezing cold the winter is not afraid to do a beauty! Third, kidney kidney if you think that just man thing, kidney male patent, youre so wrong, in fact, women also kidney. Compared with men, women yang weak and more likely to form kidney, and eventually to premature aging. Professionals know: Despite the varied beauty methods, in order to regain natural health and beauty of youth, the first task is to kidney, which is always the same trick yellow face woman Oh! Diet: a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition. The most suitable female kidney foods are: medlar, five black food into the kidney (black fungus, black sesame, black beans, black rice, black date), yams, walnuts, chestnuts, scallops, sea bass, organs, kidney, kidney, shrimp, sea cucumbers and other foods. But pay attention to kidney andDeficiency of people each have their own complement, some food and medicine need to eat under the guidance of a doctor. For example, black sesame seeds can raise hair, beauty, bowel purge, but if they dilute patients often diarrhea, do not eat black sesame seeds, because eating more severe symptoms. Everyday life: Do not stay up late, being physically active. Patterns of life, it is best to go to bed before 11 pm, exercise every day; not alcohol and tobacco; happy, cheerful. Happy mood can not only enhance the bodys immune system, but also conducive to physical and mental health, the kidney with less. After reading this article, all the world blessed the roots of female friends do not stay young and old!


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