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  Sponge model of global cities: Tim net water purification Views: 820 Published: 2016-7-27 10:24:13 Global sponge remarkable city is actually only a handful, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore are in the column. These three cities is how the city made the ultimate sponge, Tim net water purification equipment small series detailed analysis of the three cities sponge urban construction ideas. Germany: Efficient catchment ecological balance thanks to well-developed system of underground pipe network, urban green space construction of rainwater utilization technology and advanced planning and reasonable, Germany "sponge City" rather effective. Level of development and urban sewage capacity underground pipe network in Germany is a world leader. German cities have modern drainage, sewage drainage not only efficient, but also functions as a balance of urban ecosystems. To the German capital Berlin, for example, the sewer total length of about 9646 km. Conduit located in the heart of Berlin mostly mixed piping systems can handle sewage and rain at the same time. The advantage is that you can save space underground, without prejudice to run the citys subway and other underground pipelines. In the suburbs, mainly separate piping systems, i.e., wastewater and stormwater respectively different pipeline processing. The advantage of this treatment is to improve the relevance and improve efficiency. Switzerland: rain beginning late 20th century works of popular participation, Switzerland, the country vigorously promote "rainwater project." This is a small cost, high performance, practical rainwater utilization plan. In general, the citys buildings are built underground storm sewer connection from the roof, rainwater through sewer pipes pass-through, and then discharged into rivers and lakes. Switzerland places a one as a unit, move a little "minor" in the original house: make a small hole in the wall, with the introduction of indoor plumbing rainwater cisterns, and then use a small pump to collect rain sent throughout the house. Switzerland "Garden State," with not much wind, the industry almost no smoke, and therefore relatively clean rainwater. After various rain in use, the precipitate is filtered by a small pump up the fight to flush toilets, scrubbing floors, water the plants, and even for washing clothes, washing vegetables and fruits. Today in Switzerland, many buildings and homes are equipped with dedicated external flow of rainwater pipes, internal built cisterns, rain water use after treatment. In addition to general users of other drinkingDomestic water, rainwater utilization system with the basic can be resolved. Singapore: Singapores strict grooming standards as a well-rainfall tropical island, its highest annual rainfall has continued to rise in the past 30 years, there are few cases urban waterlogging occurs. Coincides with the rainy season, every day the number of games "that come" in the pouring rain, but no obvious water and waterlogging in the city when the reporter first arrived in the Lion City. All this thanks to design scientific, rational distribution of urban rainwater collection and drainage system. First, the pre-planning of urban drainage systems. Secondly, to strengthen Stormwater Drainage, build a large reservoir. Third, establish a strict standard floor building drainage.

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