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   "the province related businesses have more than 300 water purifier at a rate of 15% per year to 20% growth."


- water purifier into peoples home market ushered in the "golden age" [ 123]

   "was almost new home renovation, the recent plan to install a water purifier." July 5, Hefei submarine mountain in a mall, Tao Yun Jiao being careful consultation with the characteristics of each brand water purifier, "water purification equipment no longer a distant high-end appliances, many of my friends have been installed, the purification of water to drink after them taste really better."

   president of the Association of the water industry in Anhui Province Wang sixty-one said: "resident home water purifier installation reasons why are the two parts of the water supply network using a longer life, a very thick tube wall deposition was tap water secondary pollution is two cities. skyscrapers, countless high-rise water tank, the property may not be in place during the cleaning process, so residents will choose a water purifier. "

   recently, the reporter visited the provincial capital found a number of large appliance stores, water purification product range , in addition to domestic brands, many imported brands have settled. Water purifier prices from several hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars. "High prices of imported, generally five or six thousand. Now is the best selling price of 2,000 yuan a domestic product." Hefei Shushan an electronics store salesman Road.

   "In recent years, water purifier market ushered in the golden age, the companys sales are doubling every year." General Manager of Hefei Rongshida water Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Wang Yuesheng, he said, "With peoples living standards continue to improve, the demand for water purifiers residents on the rise, the market has great prospects. "

   retail end," the buzz ", the production side is" in full swing. " July 6, in the assembly plant in Hefei High-tech Zone in Anhui Viano water purification Technology Co., Ltd., after rigorous removal of workers are busy assembling the water purification equipment. "The company has four machine assembly line, capable of producing five or six million water purification units per month." The companys sales director Xiong Fei walked introduction.

   It is understood that the province water purification equipment household penetration in about 8%, while Singapore, South Korea reached 70-75%, the market still has much room for development. "Now the province has more than 300 companies related to water purification, at a rate of 15% per year to 20% growth." WANG Liu said, "Although the water purifier businessHowever, a late start, but the strong development momentum. "


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  " A lot of brands, worried that some water purifier low quality, after-sales can not keep up. "

   - the industry" barbaric growth "brands calls for effective regulation


   a two-day visit Tao Jiao cloud is still not a good pick the right water purification products. "brand too much! What are qualified, what failed? quality can not cross the border? how purification effect? 鈥嬧€媠ee the more questions you have. "Jiao Yun Tao told reporters, her feeling is" a lot of water purifier market brand, worried that some water purifier low quality, after-sales can not keep up. "

   water purification product penetration is not high, the industry is still in the development stage .., with the increase in production enterprises, the market chaos is gradually revealed industry experts pointed out that the water industry products of varying quality, service system is not in place, the price artificially high and so there is

   Wang sixty-one said: "Those who enter the market of water purification products require permit approval document issued by the Ministry of health, but in the current domestic water purification industry-related companies have more than 4000, some manufacturers did not get health this document, there are some companies after-sales service is not in place blind expansion of production capacity, and even some guerrillas manufacturers, product sales are final disappeared, potential problems for the follow-up services. In order to regulate the market, Anhui water industry associations give full play to the functions of the Association, opened a complaints hotline, played an important role in water purification products market discipline, after-sale protection and so on. "

  " with TV, air conditioning different, water purifier in addition to the installation, the latter also requires maintenance, the filter must be replaced periodically, after-sales service is particularly important. "Beauty Net Holding Group Co., Ltd. to Bo Zhang told reporters today, some no-name companies simply sell products, regardless of service, resulting in damage to the credibility of the water industry." Consumers do not have to worry too much about the problem filter replacement, a aspects of large-scale enterprises, brand manufacturers sold products will be issued when the card is installed, the user-related information will be recorded in the enterprise database, ensure that relevant services; on the other hand, water purifier into peoples homes, many third-party service providers have to rise later you can easily find clean water service points in the community. "

  " at the same time to regulate the business, it should also establish clear market monitoring system. "Chuzhou Yangtze Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman Cuiya suggested that" water purifier should beFamily-friendly products to protect the health of consumers is the responsibility of every enterprise should make the water purifier. But all is not the mere power of their own companies can do, but also need the community to work together to improve. "

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