Water pollution is increasing water purificion equipment and
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   Recently, the National Task Force Key Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control Environmental Sciences, Tsinghua University, published the test results of water disinfection by-products of a city, the report shows 44 city water contains a "cancer-causing" material, causing widespread concern in the industry .




is increasing water pollution, water purification equipment and technology needs innovation (Photo from Internet)

   23 provinces suspected carcinogen water experts: do not worry about [123 ]

   "water carcinogenic" the news release has aroused nationwide attention. "Carcinogenic" words but also triggered a lot of people worried. In this regard, safe drinking water Environment Institute, former director of Tsinghua University professor Liu Wenjun said the study valuable, meaningless speculation. "Some media misread the meaning of simple words: Do not worry."

   Physical and Chemical scholars saying goes, "put aside talk about toxic dose is bullying." Based on this judgment, again reading the news, "tens of city tap water detection or carcinogenic," we might be a lot of calm. Of course, in the present food safety paranoia, we are asking the public to always maintain maximum restraint and reason, indeed, is not realistic.

   After the rumor expert, the degree of panic in the community about this issue has decreased, however, many people are still in a "rather believe it, does not believe its not" paranoid state of mind, caught up in a "victim who "panic among the. From the current situation, therefore bottled water in many parts of the occurrence of an event of rising demand.

   the urgency of nitrosamines in drinking water bottled water sales rise straight across

   the medical profession discovered in the 1950s Nitrosamines are a class of strong carcinogens, research was mainly food, tobacco and industrial pollution nitrosamines. Disinfection byproducts Research nitrosamines in drinking water began in the 20th century. The protagonist of this "water cancer" event is nitrosamines. Epidemiological studies

   from the previous month showed that nitrosamines are closely related to the digestive tract cancers in certain areas of China. Also it is because of the strong carcinogenic nitrosamines, makes people tap water safety and health of apprehension. To this end, local people have chosen to use bottled water instead of tap water. As in Chengdu, a bottled water Daan Street shop, the workers continue to strengthen the recent workload. According to the boss introduced: After the water has been discovered detected carcinogens news, bottled water sales shop straightSales rise. These two days, hydrotechnic people are not too busy, many customers are in the dark to the water. According hydrotechnic people came back and said, now many customers are at home to cook with bottled water, but the water is not very convenient. To this end, she yesterday customized rack and a number of water to the water filter manufacturers, customer convenience cooking use.

   old saying: Food, food drink first. Of how important water is visible. Although this news event is likely to be a false alarm due to exaggerated media reports caused, but it also occurs to us sounded the alarm: water pollution is increasing.

   is increasing water pollution, water purification equipment and technology needs innovation

   We know that tap water is able to detect nitrosamines, precisely because of the increasingly serious environmental pollution. Due to production and life, humans have discharged a large amount of nitrogen-containing compounds into the environment, including industrial waste, sewage, landfills, pesticides and fertilizers. Under the influence of microbes and other environmental factors, some of which may be turned into an organic nitride. And waterworks chlorine disinfectant sterilization process is often used, a small amount of contaminants in the action of water becomes chlorine disinfection by-products, wherein the organic portion of the nitride may become nitrosamines.

   From the above we can see that the process to produce nitrosamines tap water is ultimately the source of pollution. Therefore, in China, whether it is business or personal environmental consciousness should be strengthened. As we all know, environmental protection is a long-term undertaking, to demonstrate its achievements must go through a lengthy process. So, we are in the face of the country, such as 80% of the groundwater is contaminated, undrinkable; surface water containing 68 kinds of antibiotics, 90 kinds of non-antibiotic pharmaceutical ingredient; do not fully meet the daily 10 will be seized at about 78% of Chinas urban water how indicators detection capabilities, half without any means of detecting ...... and a series of reports that route to get rid of "panic" mean?

   reported that "water cancer" event for many water filter companies saw an opportunity, they have a copy, a plan to market their products. For this phenomenon, some experts say no special speech proposed to use water purifiers, water purifiers reason is now relatively narrow range of large multi-function, tap water contains nitrosamines which can not be removed. So, for water purification equipment companies, currently require increasing attention on innovative R & D technology and equipment. Only this water purifierBody functions continue to be strong, it can become a people out of the water pollution "scare" the product of choice.

   Today, no less than the pollution of air pollution, water pollution in order away from harm, we must deeply aware of the importance of strengthening their environmental awareness while strengthening innovative R & D related to purification equipment. (Source: water purifier network)

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