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   As in recent years, domestic worsening water pollution, the way people used water gradually change, are turning to home water purifier to access to safe drinking water and healthy environment, but we use a water filter in the process may encounter Some problems, such as water purification system is not suddenly water, or a water purifier system smell. How these cases deal with it?

   If the master some simple and practical approach, to avoid machine failure, affect the use, that is really excellent. The following reasons, Xiaobian to talk about home water purifier for the above situation and solutions.


Common household water purifiers configuration diagram

   The method of process steps and the water purifier is not made

   1. Check water purification line, Li cis purifier conduit;

   2. check supply water purifier, a water purifier is turned on 220V AC input supply if normal water purifier, check the output voltage of the transformer;

   3, check whether the float switch or high-voltage switch failure can not jump back;

   4, check inlet valve, is normal. Unscrew the outlet solenoid valves, power, to check whether the water, such as a water barrier, proceeds to the next test;

   5, the ball valve opens the raw water, the reverse osmosis membrane filter prior to detection is blocked, such as the replacement of blocked ; If water, solenoid valve damage;

   6, after checking whether the pressure pump is a booster pump to meet the requirements. If less than 0.3MPa needs to be replaced;

   7, a reverse osmosis membrane pure water inlet opening, such as no water, reverse osmosis membrane damage;

   8, check if excessive waste water, so that pure, wastewater imbalance;

   9, check post carbon filter is blocked.

   water purifier odor Causes and Solutions

   1, if it is a newly installed water purification filter unpleasant smell, because it is protected by the filter flushing liquid purifier is not Clean caused. Encounter this problem, we simply installed after the water purifier, sewage outfall and the faucet is open, let it wash about 15 minutes. Odor can be completely removed.

   2, filter life has expired, or the user does not replace the regular maintenance, because it gets too hot for some reason, the filter down bacteria, plant spores will be madeRise in temperature fermentation, color and quality of water.

   3, if the water purifier is not used for a long time there will be odor, it is because the water purifier to stay in the water before the filter element. A long time down, the water had bad taste. Solve this problem, simply remove the filter, the inside of stagnant water can be washed off.

   4, long time use water purifier, filter cartridge or the filter function gradually decreased resulting in its useful life. In this case, we need to replace the filter. In all of the filter, the activated carbon filter is designed to remove odors and water and an organic solvent Leis. First of all we want to replace the activated carbon filter.


   5, the last cause of the smell of the water may be you buy a fake or poor quality water purifiers, no filtration and purification function. Therefore, we must first understand before buying How to buy water purifier and water purifier brand. General than no-name brand water purifier water purifier function better on a few times, quality and more secure.

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