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   In recent years, the rapid fall of networking technology in our country, and gradually deep into every aspect of peoples lives, along with the birth of a series of revolutionary experience, such as a taxi, shared bicycle and so on. And in common with these revolutionary product model is that - they are rooted in the Internet, IT technology and media team to create, share a common gene.

   Recently, another one, things began to apply technology to upgrade traditional industries rooted in the field of Internet marketing and entrepreneurial team, aimed at resolving the current household water purification product promotion difficult, difficult maintenance, poor experience The problem.

   pound, life revolves around the health of Chinese people to build things with water service and product experience, integrated distribution platform. Things will be based on technology to build water purification equipment and cloud data centers, client APP, APP sale workflow and intelligent warehousing, data integration sales dividends, realized from the sales management, site installation, user reviews, user experience to the smart health intelligent management and operation of the logistics chain, reduce current operating costs of household water purification projects and to enhance the efficiency and quality of service.


   service cuts, reducing demand nature

   in the pound platform, the user is always buy the pound after fully hosted service water out of the water purifier healthy water, rather than a single device. After the user registration pound APP and recharge, you can choose unlimited daily fee and a wholesale two modes to activate the water purifier. Current pricing is outrageous: day rate mode 3.5 yuan / day; discount model is 0.3 yuan / liter.

   and the cost including the equipment rental, supplies loss, the full cost of after-sales installation, the user does not need more outside this deposit a dime. In essence, the user unnecessary attention and effort spent part of all removed, which restored the nature of the users purchasing needs - drinking water (such as cooking, wash, etc.).

   Based things create a more convenient use of water

   pound in the platform, the motherboard chipset things internet connection with the cloud through the home water purifier, upload device data in real time, The water quality of the current access, water purifier purifying effect, the amount of loss and the like, and supplies the data. The cloud service platform in turn is connected to the pound, water purification sale management platform, APP achieved sales staff end interactive data - which achieved a pound to a user initiates salemay.

   When the pound, the users home water purifier failure or consumable life is about to expire, pound, customer service team available diagnostic error code reported by the device user to the first step to identify problems, make an appointment and take the initiative to call the user to solve the problem time, so 7x24-hour active service, the real user "water only, do not spend too much energy on the device," the goal.

   real-time health data + interesting daily updates, washed with water to create 360 鈥嬧€嬄?Health Guidelines

   by the APP pound, the user can also acquire the current parameters associated with the quality of the fresh water, fresh water before comparison of water quality and clean water. This feature of the current hot Mavericks electric vehicles have the same purpose.

   In another plate "daily activity", the pound, the team also created a daily attendance, daily health knowledge and kitchen tips and so on. Users complete change of plate reading and interactive content, access to health knowledge, but also earn points redeemable for recharge vouchers and small gifts, to obtain more benefits.

   word of mouth distribution, promotion of household water purifiers break problem

   In the past two decades, China household water purifier market struggling more --2000 vendors, force all home was done the national average of 5% market penetration, which has a direct relationship with the Chinese peoples health awareness of water has not been awakening. This allows companies to spend huge sums of money to advertise the effect is minimal.

   pound is doing exactly the opposite, the big money spent to build the product, and the cost of multi-level channels and advertising subsidies to users, by comparing the taste and water quality parameters significantly improved, and feel the pound, water purification services bring convenience, naturally spontaneously promote their products, and access to water subsidies.

   Current Level 2 provides pound word distribution mode, the user directly promote the user, or may be provided one yuan 0.1 yuan per liter of water is no limit on the daily allowance; second level user can be recommended daily 0.5 yuan per liter or 0.05 yuan no limit water subsidy. With the users experience to share with our customers to introduce daily expenses will be significantly reduced or even obtain benefits, this model has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of users to share fast hatch market.

   pound model is based on networking technology as the core, through service, word of mouth drive new model combines the data of water experience scene, content sharing and social scene and intelligent service experience,It is bound to change the current pattern of home water purifier market, for users to create a true return to nature experience mode.

   (Source: HC purification network)

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