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   seen "Iron Man," the junior partner, some of the male has a super assistant Jarvis would envy: At any scene, Tony can talk to Jarvis voice, monitor the physical condition ...... aside to save the world alone "Jarvis" will bring life convenient, but also enough captured the hearts of all beings. Today, "Jarvis" no longer exists only in the movies, but effectively into the real scene!


   September 25, Suning Suning smart terminal smart products company held in Beijing 2018 autumn conference, in one fell swoop launched dozens of new products, smart home and smart Suning launched the strongest brain Biu OS, co-founded a number of brands Suning intelligent Biu + Eco-Alliance, an open technology platform and open up a new situation in smart home market .

   smart home outlet, Suning with scientific and technological strength to seize market opportunities

   Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Holdings has repeatedly announced, "Su Ning is not only a retail business, is a technology company." . Know how to grasp industry development opportunities, it is a key advantage of Suning to stand in the era of the wave. In recent years, smart home gradually into daily life, the outlet has come, the intense competition within the industry, Suning not only the first to incoming, but also accounted for C-bit!


   At present smart home market is not yet mature, semi many intelligent, pseudo-intelligent products, it is difficult compatible interconnection between different brands of products, resulting in a poor user experience a sense of the scene. In order to solve the existing problems in the market, Suning relying on Internet technology advantages and content platform advantages, to create a number of services to families and individuals consumer hardware products and solutions for intelligent life, build a "platform + content + Products + service "as the core of the smart home ecosystem. This allows incoming on a Suning have the other companies can not match advantage.

   How to accelerate the adoption of terminal hardware and software products, so that consumers truly enjoy intelligent life, is the focus of Suning to enter the smart home industry. For this reason, at the press conference, Suning launched Biu OS platform and a series of intelligent hardware products.

   Suning Biu OS, by IOT standardized access and services to achieve cross-brand intelligent terminal interconnected, thus for consumers to create whole-house solutions for intelligent life. In BiuOS energized through the inlet end product, you can be connected to control the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other household scene at more than 100Brands 5000 balance of smart products.

   In addition to Biu OS, the conference also launched a ten intelligent hardware products, including both small Biu intelligent speaker Premium edition, intelligent Mirror, the countrys first color LCD screen smart alarm clock, including home Internet imported products, there are also smart laundry machine can voice conversation, "inside and outside the two-cycle" spike empty net product features smart new fans and other innovative intelligent hardware. With the support of cutting-edge technology, big data and artificial intelligence, Suning science and technology, fashion, the perfect fusion of quality, created a "Suning very thing," to achieve a comprehensive upgrade recycling smart home system!

鑻忓畞 [123 ] to enter the field of intelligent life hardware, Suning industry ecosystem is improving

   "competition among enterprises face competition is to see individual products, it is actually behind confront large ecosystem," annual work plan in 2018 and the deployment of the meeting, announced Zhang Jindong, the original six major industries, based on the upgrading of the logistics and strategic position in the technology industry, forming a pattern of concentric circles and more ecological wisdom retail retail core of the co-development, which is Suning to achieve 2020 target upgrade the strategic wisdom of the retail ecosystem.

   to enter the field of intelligent hardware life is an inevitable measure of wisdom ecosystem strategy Suning retail upgrade. Currently retail, logistics, cultural and creative industries can be achieved online and Suning Suning stores line the whole dimension of service to users, and the living space in the users line of living is still a blank. Suning to enter the field of intelligent life hardware, consumers around the last 10 meters depth, and even one meter, while the layout of the user side, so as to provide better and more convenient service, on the other hand intelligent home products based Suning Suning strong scientific and technological strength and many years of retail experience, is committed to creating a more comprehensive "intelligent supply chain scene Internet +", in order to bring truly personalized wisdom of life experience.

鏅鸿兘瀹跺眳 from the end of March, the home improvement industry summit blockbuster debut Suning, Suning Home Expo held in April, to the intelligent hardware products unveiled today Suning, Suning has entered the smart home landing stage. The conference, in addition to the blockbuster release of a variety of products, Suning officially announced that it has hired top international design large coffee Frank (Frank Stephenson) as the companys creative director, brand new plan Suning was very intelligent hardware products, to create science and technology ,Fashion, quality of wisdom home hardware products to meet the users aesthetic life.

   "energize and provide consumers with more comfortable living and experiencing the product through continuous intelligent." Future, Suning will continue to own products through distribution partners + product access, comprehensive build smart home ecosystem, help Suning "wisdom Retail" re a very

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