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   Yesterday, Pacific Life Insurance Branch Guizhou, Guiyang Zhongyi, Shenzhen One Foundation started in Guiyang Project Purity public projects, the first phase of the 400,000 raise funds to help poverty-stricken Guizhou 10 schools to address water security issues.

   According to reports, "Project Purity" public welfare projects will be launched Guizhou branch of Pacific Life employees, customers participate in public. Employees, customers, encourage children to store a dollar a day to the piggy bank, should keep a piggy bank to a certain time to bring the company to participate in the "Centrum cans Day", under the witness of related organizations, donations will be donated to the One Foundation, for "clean water program."

   reported that the project will cover the first regular temple town fungus County Primary School, Banshu area ironworks town west Elementary School 10, worth 400,000 yuan to install 10 sets of water purification equipment, once landed, 4000 students can drink clean and healthy drinking water from flowing out of the water purification plant.

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