Water purification industry will usher in the gre developmen
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   As people increase the demand for healthy drinking water, water purification has become one of the essential appliances of many families. After exploring the past year and the initial reshuffle industry, water purification industry will usher in the great development opportunity.




water purification industry will usher in the great development opportunity Brand building essential (Photo from Internet)

   On the overall size of the water purifier market

   with the most simple, conservative approach rough estimate potential size of the market: more than 13 million people nationwide, more than 400 million households, according to a minimum configuration of a single, five-year product replacement cycle, that is, 80 million units a year, an average of 2,000 yuan, 160 billion is, if coupled with the commercial market, it is far more than 200 billion size of the potential market exists, but the actual size of the market has been talked about in this front, from Conservative calculated from the difference between the potential market size is really too far.

   However, at present Chinas urban household water purifiers usage less than 2 percent, a huge gap, compared to the potential of the traditional home appliances and building materials projects full, it is envisaged, will become a water purifier to be reckoned with new blood; at the same time, industry experts predict that the next three to five years, our home water purifier market will form 100 billion.


   prosperity hidden pain

   With the increase in the production, water purifier market chaos is gradually revealed. Behind the boom, leading to sprawl and herd of product homogeneity, the quality varies greatly resulting in sales of irregularity, profiteering thinking flooding, become a deadly bottleneck healthy development of the industry. Anonymous industry source said.

   According to the water appliances market of professional investigators analysis, domestic water purifier brand very much, really only a handful of brands operating out of the market, although international water purifier brand has many advantages, but the price of money, it is difficult attracted the mass of consumers, the overall market down in the water purifier to form a complete system around the water purifiers top ten brands, allowing operators to generate more prospects really very little.

   water purifier market chaos needs to build brand strength

   survey shows that since 2015, the water purification industry began to bid farewell to the extensive development stage, influential companies in the bigger at the same time scale, consciously strengthen brand building, a lot of efforts in improving the brand awareness. Many water purifierCompanies are advertising onto the water purifier CCTV screen. Take different routes through brand-building needs more intense, more companies will increase brand-building through a variety of ways, and strive to industry entrenched companies, some industry insiders said in an interview.

   future water purification industry reshuffle is inevitable, the brand will be further concentrated, some market positioning is unclear, the lack of quality assurance enterprises will be eliminated, and only really mastered the core technology, an accurate grasp of consumer spending pain points in order to remain unbeaten in the competition. Future companies will do research and development closely watching the market demand, the development of convenient, intelligent, long-life direction, continue to provide quality products and services.

   water purification industry is optimistic about the industry in 2016 year, the momentum of rapid development of enterprises from ambitious annual plan began to take shape. But the development of the industry in addition to encouraging people to inspire ambition, but also cold rational thinking and judgment under the hot trend.

   China water purifier companies want to win, to be from product development to marketing to design to broaden the sales channels and then to brand building, every aspect of the design is good, especially to grasp market opportunities and establish the brand, with a win against ten high degree of parity and value-added brands. In addition, the industry also felt the water purifier is not only a purely domestic use tools, but to give it the pursuit of fashion, individuality, enjoy life, enjoy a variety of cultural connotation of the world such as; water purification products have such "soul." . (Source: water purifier network)

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