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  Focus on water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, home water purifier Secret pleasure popular reason to join a professional comprehensive brand support, hand in hand CCTV impossible challenge Victor House towards the brand new heights, owner of electrical appliances water purifiers new release build eco-green kitchen, etc. industry events one after another. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (10.31-11.6) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   CCTV challenges can work together towards a brand new family of Victor height

   to break through the dilemma is the most beautiful scenery, to break through the storm It is smooth sailing all the way. There are thorns on the road of dreams, there are ups and downs, but as long as the courage to break through, to face the challenges of the future would close to us. Wind and waves, rose to the challenge! October 30 20:00 pm, Rongshida Victor House jointly major challenges inspirational program "the impossible" landed CCTV integrated channel open a new era of interactive media premiere drama, as the only short-listed home appliance building materials industry business, Victors family to join Sa Beining, Dong Qing, Wang Lee Hom, Henry Lee take you to break through the "impossible"! [click for more] home water purifier Secret pleasure popular reason to join a professional comprehensive brand support

   to join a project just to create a career, job naturally cautious on brand choice. As the saying goes, "Men fear into the wrong profession, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband", dealers choose brands even more so, to join the cause to make a good brands clear mind. Lay home water purifier located in the city of Shenzhen Science and Technology, has 20,000 square meters of independent industrial park, with industry-leading one hundred thousand sterile GMP clean workshop, more than 600 million investment in the construction of CNAS National Laboratory, the water industry have such the laboratory is not more than five. More importantly, home pleasure is focused only professional water purifier brand, unlike other brands, a variety of products are involved, but not to wide. [Click for more]

   Angel water purifier industry standard for innovation to lead the industry technology upgrade

   provision of a home water purifier is the best choice to ensure the health of family members, after all, water filters and purifiers the biggest difference is that the water after the purification of water inside the heavy metals, organic and inorganic compounds can be filtered out. Angel as a domestic old brand, developer of the first water purifier, 25 years to focus on ChinaNet water technology, innovation industry standard, leading industry technology upgrades, and finally to become known in Asias "top ten most influential enterprises in Asia" and "Asian Top 500 Brands 2016", completed a "high-net water experts" gorgeous transformation. [Click for more]

   boss appliances water purifiers new release build green kitchen eco

   November 4, "Enjoy fresh water - reverse osmosis water purifier dual-core boss conference" held in Hangzhou, light blue style fantasy scene to bring you a "water purifier" electric kitchen revolution about. Conference, Directors and Supervisors, vice president of marketing Electric boss Chen expressed the hope that the boss appliances can take to promote the healthy development of the whole kitchen electric market, driven by the water industry to improve the user conditions of drinking water for the enterprise mission, with superb technology is changing life. This is the boss appliances to a new attempt in the field of water purification, water purifier successfully developed the boss, away from the building "green kitchen ecology" a major step forward. [Click for more]

   Peking University HSBC teachers and students to come to Ann Star water purifier marketing headquarters

   October 19, 2016 morning, Peking University HSBC Business School Professor Lan Ying Jie, teaching assistants, 16 after students, graduate students and other 65 teachers and students to visit Ann Star water purifier factories, October 19, 2016 afternoon, Ann Star water purifier marketing headquarters once again usher teachers and students to visit. Under the leadership of Professor blue Yingjie Peking University HSBC Business School and his party more than 65 people, accompanied by Ann Star water purifier, deputy general manager of Mr. Liu Ge, star of the Ann marketing headquarters site visits and tour guide. Teachers and students refer to "flattered"! Shot have picked up the phone, and posed for pictures together at the welcome screen. [Click for more]

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