Stainless steel cup for drink water
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   It is no exaggeration to say that stainless steel cup has entered the household, whether adults or children, almost every day are using stainless steel cup to drink water, drink water suitable for stainless steel cups, in fact, it does not drink a cup will have a corrosive effect of water on it. Details can get to know.




As the stainless steel cup texture is very particular about, loved by successful people, but there are a lot of people put forward different views, that the stainless steel is not a cup of water can hold, which the safest kind of drink cups are very concern, some people like to use plastic cups, glasses and some people like to use, mainly to see what drinks the cup put, if we just put in cold water, then no matter what kind of cups can.


cup stainless steel is good, it will not affect health. However, to ensure that the stainless steel cup is used high quality glass. That is, the production channel produces stainless steel cups, chose the regular stainless steel mug water is not harmful to the body, poor quality stainless steel cup will rust, susceptible bacteria. There are a lot of people want to know, what stainless steel cup for drinking water, as long as the normal cold water or hot water can be.


However, if the stainless steel vacuum cup is not water, but tea or milk, soy milk, drinks, fruit juice, tea and other substances, when we have to be cautious drinking. Because, as long as the family know that drinking small knowledge, knows stainless steel tea cup will release a heavy metal chromium. Stainless steel cups contains chromium, which is a heavy metal, corrosion of stainless steel cups because the protective film is destroyed, chromium will be released, it will cause harm to humans if continued use stainless steel cup is best not used to make tea. Xiao Bian remind you, once rusting stainless steel cup will promptly replaced, to avoid serious harm to the body.




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