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   more and more people started buying household water purifiers, water purifiers with the changing social environment, peoples living standards improve and entered everyones attention. The demand for water purifiers is in the affirmative, the potential value of the water industry by many venture to participate. But for the Agent in water purification, the water purifier brand choice is a big deal, be sure to shop around, choose from the best brands, sometimes the choice is half the battle. And in water purification Agent, the best way to shop around is to go to the manufacturers site visits, field trips in the factory, need to look at where there are many. The following professional water purifier brand fresh water plus four points Analysis fieldwork manufacturers to look at you.



   First, look at the manufacturers operating philosophy

   water purification agents when selecting franchisees to join the brand, need to consider whether you agree business philosophy, if you agree, then, between the two sides can carry out good cooperation, and ultimately achieve a win-win. Otherwise, prone to disagreement between the parties, as men and women quarrel exchanges, like, easily affect the feelings of both. Add fresh water purifier market, Wang said, "water purification agents franchisee recognized corporate philosophy is very important, if water purification agents franchisee agree with the corporate philosophy, to have confidence in business development, we will actively studying business management knowledge to teach also motivated conduct business, leading to better sales performance. "so water purification agents to join in the study of the manufacturers, the manufacturers to understand the philosophy, to see if the manufacturers do real brand, if the manufacturers just to make quick money , not only recruit agents responsible for serious support certainly not. Manufacturers have scientific management plan, business model and philosophy, there is progressive corporate environment, then this water purifier manufacturers can consider cooperation.

   Second, look manufacturers joined policy

   When the water purification agents in inspection commercially purifier manufacturers joined, we must see the manufacturer investment conditions to see if you are eligible, whether "good match." After reading Merchants join condition depends on policy, and of course the more manufacturers support policies better. One point to note is that the policy to join to see the water purifier manufacturers, depending on whether its integrity practice, whether to join the real implementation support, thisYou must own to learn more about the. Factors

   Third, look at the manufacturers ability to innovate

   able to determine the market a lot, but to ensure the market is the cornerstone of the product. And goods than three, as the quality of the water purifier to be able to survive in the market, and innovative water purifier to be able to survive in the market. In the current market, water purifier product homogeneity is very serious, stereotyped product design, no features. These do not meet modern consumer demand or can not meet consumer demand for differentiated products, will give us cause stockpile extrusion and other issues. Therefore also closed down a lot of hand-workshop-style, we chose one of the key factors is that the two major manufacturers of the products, product quality and product innovation is the product assessment. Through product evaluation, clear water purifier manufacturer is able to continue to develop innovative new technologies, new products, in order to adapt to the needs of the water purifier market holds many lessons and protect core competitiveness of products in the market! Manufacturers have the courage to innovative products, to go further in the market!

   Fourth, look at the size and growth prospects for manufacturers

   water purification agents to join in the choice of brands when, also we need to look at whether a company is "potential", how to develop prospects. "Just look at the current development of enterprises is not enough, depends on whether the business prospects, there is much room for development after you joined in, and together look departments are not complete, the staff were many ways to be a good judge." In addition it also depends on the size of the manufacturer, the larger the scale, the more powerful the manufacturers instructions. The smaller the size of the factory production capacity weaker. For example, add fresh water purifiers, it covers an area of 鈥嬧€?0,000 square meters, with the industrys cutting-edge R & D team and core technology of mold production.

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