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   currently on the market water purifier are manifold, diverse, consumers may be in many brands and types of water purification equipment can not make the right choices, to buy water purifier is the most important from their own needs, but also with the local water quality, finishing below the water purifier purchase five errors, to remind everyone, do not in minefield.

   Myth: The water purifier is the same

   Many of my friends think that water purifiers are almost the same function, can purify water on it, it is not true, water purifier are many types, but the north and south Fang water quality differences, to make a rational choice based on water quality in your area and their own needs.

   Myth: Product filter better

   filter is not possible, some low-end water purification products, and always four or five filters, However, simple filtration materials are used, the filtering effect may not be as strong a high-performance filter. But in the end of a drinking water filter, disposable filter to be used as much as possible, to avoid secondary contamination.

   Myth: Look brand is not considered professional

   many well-known brands are part of operating a variety of household appliances business, their goal is to meet the low-end market the ordinary needs of life, can only produce ordinary low water purification equipment. The home drinking water purification, especially its complexity is the need for expertise in research and development team, so we try to choose a brand made by companies specializing in water purification water purification equipment, there will be good not only guarantee the technical quality, but also to the you provide a more professional service.

   Myth: activated carbon filter technology obsolescence

   Almost all the water purifier, the activated carbon should be used. If you do not use charcoal, whether declared filtration precision how high the water taste will be discounted. Granular activated carbon, powdery carbon rods and three kinds, the first two low cost, but often do not completely filtered, which is safer choice, can be 100% complete filtration.

   Myth: filter may not change for a long time

   on the marketDeclared cartridge 3 to 5 years do not change, often exaggerated. Do not over-pursue cheap. Water purifier in the country is still high demand for the pursuit of quality of life of people, in general, the effect of high prices will be relatively better. In addition, high-quality filter water of life, and the net will be better, prices will go up. But the overall cost of computing is still down.


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