Vontron w the Golden Tripod water industry
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  Jinding power, clean water culture Passing the torch. The First Annual Conference and water industry GTA release ceremony on December 21 was held in Beijing Media Center. Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment (referred to as "water purifier special committee") and co-sponsored the festival Sina home, brought together well-known experts in the development of water purification industry, famous enterprises and media leaders meeting with the water purification industry.

   Guiyang Vontron Technology Co., Ltd. as the water purification industry leading business representatives, invited to participate in the event. The "Golden Tripod" ceremony, Vontron awarded quality parts suppliers, general manager Cai Zhiqi was named the top ten outstanding entrepreneurs.

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Caizhi Qi, general manager was named the top ten outstanding entrepreneurs


Vontron was named the national water industry, high-quality parts suppliers

   " 2014 Overall water industry brand "three-month contest, had a reputation of authoritative awards from the people. "GTA" includes water purification industrys top ten brands, top ten outstanding entrepreneurs, product innovation award, best-selling brand Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, Innovation Award and marketing of high-quality parts suppliers seven awards.

   In addition to the water industry Golden Tripod awards ceremony, the annual meeting also announced the establishment of the Committee of Experts of the water purifier special committee, and the establishment of water purification industry standard testing, certification, security office, announced the establishment of the water industry credit rating rating office, released the first batch of water purification industry credit A-class enterprises.

   the last two years the water purification industry rapid development, lack of standards and policy guidelines. Water purification work of special committees and focus on product quality control and other aspects of the establishment of industry standards, establish a leading products and leading enterprises, can build up positive energy for the healthy growth of the water industry, and the formation of a standardized, healthy development of the industry environment.

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