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  From the activated carbon filter to see the water purifier market Author: purifier Views: 373 Published: 2017-12-1 10:25:37 water purifier market data collection main areas of activated carbon activated carbon components, including sintering activated carbon compression and bulk activated carbon activated carbon. On actual shipments, the first half of 2017, overall shipments of activated carbon water purifier in 67 million. Classification point of view, sintered activated carbon is the least amount of shipments during the first half of only seven million, while shipments accounted for the bulk of carbon than the maximum at 38 million, compressed carbon rod shipments of about 22 million. Sintered activated carbon shipments least, mainly because of the kind of the activated carbon process is more complex than the other, more costly, and therefore will use high sintering water purifier brand activated carbon, and ordinary water purifier, especially middle-quality water purifier , will use compressed activated carbon or even granular activated carbon. Therefore, shipments from the activated carbon can be inferred that the current domestic water purifier is mostly low quality products dominate the market, high-end water purifier or a small number of good quality water purifiers occupied. When consumers buy water purifiers, water purifiers not only depends on the brand, but also to consult shopping guide water purifier filter type, buy a water purifier, need more contrast, more consultation. 鎭噣鍑€姘村櫒,娲绘€х⒊

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