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   open to health by the Technology Group (SZSE: 300272) Holdings North America open to (Canature NA Inc.) announced a controlling stake in the well-known North American Water Company Limited Envirogard Products acquisition.


   Envirogard is a global leader in the design to manufacturing, to provide water treatment equipment for the home and business customers, solution providers of drinking water systems, ultraviolet disinfection system. As Canadas largest water treatment solutions for the retail market suppliers, Envirogard its main brand Rainfresh? Attractive in the Canadian market. In addition, Envirogard provide disaster emergency shelter and drinking water war plan to a number of international NGO and aid agencies have been providing safe, clean water to more than 40 countries and regions of the victims.

   "This acquisition will enhance open to influence in the North American retail market, and open to further consolidate the leading position in the water treatment industry in North America." Open to Don Fettes, president of North America, he said, "Rainfresh? There strong brand recognition and influence, customer-oriented business principles make with customers to establish long-term stable relationship of trust and cooperation. after the completion of the acquisition, Envirogard management team will continue to be responsible for the daily operations and management. "

   [123 Scott MacDonald] Envirogard president, said: "in the past few years, we in North America through the open water softeners, whole house water purification machines and other products of mutual cooperation has become a trusted partner, this acquisition is for a good Rainfresh . an opportunity to expand the brand into new markets. "

   open to Group president Wang Tie, said:" by opening a subsidiary of North American energy acquisition, open to speed up the pace of internationalization process, Rainfresh team of professionals and technical , will be the development of the global market have american support. At the same time, the acquisition is to strengthen the companys core business to support another move into the terminal market. Envirogard very welcome to join the team open to the family. "

   introduction [123 ]

   open to health Technology Group (SZSE: 300272), headquartered in Shanghai, is a global leader in human settlementsWater treatment technology and solutions provider of products and services for home, business customers, global net soft water equipment manufacturers. Open to the Groups mission is to "make healthy water everywhere." Open to membership open to North American subsidiary of the Group, covering the United States, Canada and Mexico.

   Envirogard established in 1970, is Canadas leading water treatment company, has a strong long-term customer relationships in the retail sector. Our products are designed, manufactured, assembled in Richmond Hill, Canada (Richmond Hill) covers an area of 鈥嬧€?1,300 square feet of manufacturing base.

   (Source: water industry brand alliances - public number, invasion deleted)

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