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"dead Rationalism" - network hot words, shell network of dead Rationalism theme station said, "From today, to be a rational person, reading, logic and intellectual interest test times, to pursue. the fun of thinking. "


as peoples pursuit of health, safe drinking water more and more widespread attention, and continue to burst water pollution incident also makes water purifier consumer demand rapidly. The rapid development of the water purifier market has brought such standards lag, market turmoil and other issues, for water purification technologies and principles of ignorant consumers often do not know where to start. So, faced with many brands, a wide variety of water purifier market, in the end how to choose a home water purifier it?


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Web search purifier, relevant keywords are "Conductivity", "reverse osmosis" " several stages of filtering "" nanocrystalline filter "and so highly specialized vocabulary, which for the average consumer is tantamount to an alien word. As a general manager, a professional technical background of corporate CEOs, and all the Harbin water purification equipment Zhou Xudong told reporters that the expertise of the sales staff need to know, ordinary household water purifiers choose your own departure from the need, then master a few key points.


Zhou Xudong said that with advances in technology, new materials, water purifier, new media, more and more new inventions in the general direction set by the state, civil water purifier must use physical sterilization method, that is, not use any chemicals, it is necessary to recognize the importance of the quality of products consumers buy water purifier.


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