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The spring, along with the arrival of spring in April, many people began to venture into the wave. Of course, there are many people with lofty ideals in the direction of career planning, while another friend was in the opening years of the agent for the project and foresight. 2015 good proxy What project? Which industry can to success? Which brand agency is able to open the door to prosperity? To help investors to seize the opportunity to invest in time, early career planning direction. In the first open water purifier manufacturers about! Join the most promising water purification industry, invites you to a total of Ben way to get rich!

   Why is the water purification industry is a sunrise industry most of it? According to industry insiders He revealed that Chinas current water industry penetration rate is still around 10%, in 2014 the total capacity of the domestic water purifier market is about 14.2 billion yuan, compared with $ 10.3 billion in 2013, an increase of 37.8%, up from 22% in 2013 It increases. By 2015, water purifier every family will become a trend, and broad development prospects. So, intensified competition in the industry, will inevitably lead to blindness agents are selected. To recommend the most worthy to join the 21st century, most of the water industry in Chaoyang!

   one hundred quality process set up card, entering the market with the quality of

   as water purification agents, water purifiers selection when device manufacturers need to know the focus is on the production of product quality and production scale. Professional water purification, deeply understand the importance of product quality and brand management for agents, that quality is the key to winning the trust of the consumer. Therefore, each of the products from the factory to the sales go through one hundred technology testing, 100,000 water hammer, pressure, pressure test; pressure burst test ...... each process is to let agents do feel proxy products product peace of mind, joined the agency brand to make specialized products to enhance the quality of the market share, competitiveness. Water purifier market will be stationed in the new shot in the arm!

   innovative marketing model, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win

   With the backing of product quality, marketing is the top priority, as the net water heater manufacturers should give agents the best sales policy to give market support, lower marketing costs to open the local market to achieve mutual benefit and win-win goal. Water purifier manufacturers for this problem already has a very deep understanding and developed a corresponding program. In the implementation of regional autonomy products, water purification products to develop models based on local area to ensure efficient water purificationFruit, highlighting the brand. At the same time, water purifier dealers by the manufacturers technical guidance and professional training, the establishment of regional marketing, network marketing, combined with after-sales service system to better grasp the needs of local development. Establish a good word of mouth marketing, safeguard the interests of agents to achieve mutual benefit manufacturers and dealers from the new marketing!

   to cut the line between consumer demand, to win the favor

   At present, the traditional home appliance development process, the development of the industry price war caused confusion question, regional price disparity, the price of the brand can not be guaranteed, leading to water purification agents always linger, water purifier manufacturers should adhere to the differentiated development path, always adhere to the development of cost-effective route, so that consumers can afford, affordable water purifier. Constantly improve their own products and provide more business opportunities for the agents and dealers, agents can protect their rights and interests, to join water purifiers, water purification business achievement!

   water purifier manufacturers through continuous development for millions of families It provides healthy water. By 2015, we will continue to uphold the purpose of brand development, continue to progress together with the agents to join them, at the moment, look forward to more people with lofty ideals to join the family were fairly well-off road.

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