Water purifiers to join the brand- Why should I install home
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Why do not mention water purification equipment, one thousand customers may have a thousand times no reason to equipment! But do you really know our drinking water quality now? You know chlorine damage? Do you think water must boil it safe? the following are the seven reasons for the necessary equipment household water purifiers, have to see!




1, water pollution and severe


data flash, 195 cities nationwide monitoring results indicate that 97% of urban groundwater has been polluted to varying degrees, 40% of urban groundwater pollution aggravating trend. This also means that over eighty percent of groundwater contamination threat. The primary goal of pollution in the "three nitrogen" serious pollution situation, there is a certain degree of toxic heavy metals and organic pollution in some areas.


2, and tap water is not safe


Data flash, 765 kinds of harmful substances in water, during which 20 kinds of carcinogenic confessed, 24 kinds of suspected carcinogen, 18 kinds of actuator stones, about 80% of diseases, especially chronic diseases because of water pollution it caused. China is now more than 98 percent of the city water company water treatment process is also selected a few decades ago, this traditional craft of choice is flocculation, accumulation, filtration, disinfection, this traditional method is not able to process raw water organic pollutants and heavy metals removed. Therefore, tap water and less secure.


3, water is the second serious pollution


water distribution network and high-level water tank health failed, aging pipe network rust, poor management of the property tank top, water easily secondary Pollution.


4, well water, ground water is not safe


of acid rain on Earth, industrial and agricultural waste water into the underground pollution configuration, causing severe pollution deep well although not water, but its calcium and magnesium ion content high, long drink and easy to get cardiovascular, gallstones and other diseases. Deep well alkaline, acid-base balance and body needs, requirements of the body of water is weakly basic.


5, antibiotics, water pollution new force


In fact, the first human to discover and use of antibiotics, to reduce bacterial infection and death constitute, so that human beings have a great weapon to compete with death . But now, with the country becoming antibiotic producing countries, the use of antibiotics is a big country: an annual output of antibiotic-ownedFeed about 21 million tons. At the end of 2015, CCTV reported on antibiotic content in surface water of amazing, Nanjing Gulou District residents in tap water even detected amoxicillin ...... nationwide primary river, the Huangpu River, Yangtze River, Pearl River are detected antibiotics.


6, boiled water is not necessarily safe


as sterilization, some people boil water to drink, in fact, after boil tap water, although the bacteria are killed, but the bodies of the bacteria is still remaining in the water, a source of heat in the body, that is medically called "induced heat and mass."


together, lost a lot of oxygen in the water boiled, cold water to water the flowers dry flower is spent can not contact the oxygen from the water. Of body weight and 60% -70% water, the infant can reach more than 70%, refinement to the cells by the oxygen from the water is done. So, drinking water is not conducive to the body of oxygen, the bodys cells are deformed due to hypoxia, which is one of the reasons cancer.


7, barrels buckets substandard quality


National inquiry flash, bottled water Sancheng failed, its colonies group grim exceeded. In addition to production reasons, is the cause of most of the tub, the salt is contained therebetween carcinogen. Frequency of reported false water, black barrel, and so substandard water and bottled water delivery, the use of a number of secondary contamination process, resulting in bottled water is not very safe.


information indicated, there are at least 50 kinds of diseases origin does not meet the standard of drinking water. Experts proved that contaminated drinking unpurified water can cause a variety of diseases gastritis, skin diseases, kidney stones, hepatitis, cardiovascular and even cancer. Organic pollutants in water often microgram or less the order of existence, the impact on human health with a lay up and latent, that was easy to be overlooked. Therefore, Xiao Bian remind you: pay attention to their own health, family health care, water purification equipment, one Taiwan, it is very necessary


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