What are the characteristics of Clostridium tetani
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   tetani is obligately anaerobic Gram-positive bacteria belonging to the genus Clostridium. Bacillus and Clostridium tetani There are two forms of propagules, the following Xiaobian take a look at what the characteristics of Clostridium tetani, right?




Clostridium tetani is widely distributed in nature, the gut of cattle, horses, sheep and other domestic animals are, as feces spread into the environment. Bacteria form spores under adverse environment, spores widely found in dust and contaminated soil surface, water tetanus bacilli do? There may be, but the probability is very small, mainly because the water came in through a channel program to deal with, after order delivered to each household to go, not to say that just put tap water delivered to the user; Clostridium tetani is an anaerobic bacteria, the need for strict anaerobic, under aerobic conditions, it is very unfavorable. In the rust happen to have such a condition for its existence, following up to find out what the specific characteristics of Clostridium tetani is not it?

   First, the biological characteristics:

1 is a Gram-positive bacilli. .


2 can form spores, spores which can be stored in the soil decade, anti-boiled for 1 hour and the need to kill 10-12 hours in a 5% Lysol solution;


3 . necessary to the growth and reproduction anaerobic environment;.


4 can produce a strong exotoxin.

   Second, pathogenicity and immunity:

Clostridium tetani anaerobic conditions only within the wound reproduction, its pathogenic effects caused mainly by the exotoxin, exotoxin it is a neurotoxin produced by after inhalation has toxic effects on the nervous tissue selectivity, working angle before the spinal cord, motor neurons, skeletal muscle spasm can (convulsions), starting from multiple local and systemic spread, so that patients trismus, "smile "face, neck stiffness dysphagia, showed opisthotonos disease like sheets, breathing difficulties.


Xiaobian for everyone finishing features on Clostridium tetani is what common sense understanding of it, in addition to this site, there are many aspects of knowledge about the family drinking water, interest can continue to focus on this site Home Safety column content, so the family can have a safe living environment.




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