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   May 13 morning, the Shenzhen water purification defender Environmental Protection Technology Co. Operations Project "Sharing water purifier" headquarters in Shenzhen operations center held a grand opening, 100 partners and industry leaders from around the country, a number of strategic cooperation Shenzhen CCTV news media partners and financial channels such as 100 known sites to the site to participate in the Shenzhen Association of clean water, water purification Shenzhen business school to give strong support to this conference.


   Mr. Shenzhen Environmental Protection Technology Co. chairman water purification defender Lvyong new welcoming remarks. Youth Venture Fund, a national business mentor, tutor CCTV cctv entrepreneurial hero sinks investors, pay rock teacher went to the site and made a speech to congratulate, Mr. Fu Yan guards for water purification operations "shared water purifier" project advocated by the new industry mode in order to give full recognition.

   at the press conference purifier guards Marketing Director prince told the guests and media planning company operating there, detailing the companys future development direction, layout and build a new model of the water industry. Subsequently, water guards conducted a grand signing ceremony with media advertising company, to promote the countrys future lay a solid foundation.


   In recent years, air pollution, water pollution and other environmental degradation, more and more people are concerned about major health industry, water and health concerns, according to research statistics, next five years, the water industry continues to grow at an annual rate of 45%, five years now the industry is expected to Chu blowout trillion market. The water industry will attract investments of many financial chiefs to join, the company hopes to win a share in the rapid development of the industry, stand a benchmark for "four chaos" phenomenon water industry markets: product chaos, chaos standards, price chaos, chaotic service, this bad market chaos so that the interests of consumers have been seriously hurt, severely restricted the development of the industry, the company is breaking the water industry chaos, spent heavily in the energy consumption of a few years to subvert the traditional sales model, the traditional water purifier sales model by the function of the product difference, product and earn profits on product design, and water purification defenders first "free products, free installation, free logistics, product supplies free" the new model turned out, in Chinas first packet mode services in the market, the first "shared water purifier" mode operations management in China, caused widespread concern in the industry users.

   in the water purification industrys only that "let the world people drink a good healthy water"Corporate vision, shared by all in the current environment, the companys share of the water purifier way to share products to consumers, so as to solve the industry "four chaos" Guaixiang, so that people enjoy "unified products, unified standards, unified price , unified service, "so that people spend tens of dollars of low-threshold way to enjoy the dividends of science and technology and society, water purification defender rely on strong research and development, technology, production, installation and after-sales service team, the integration of upstream downstream industry, consolidation" capital + ABP technology + + + business model eco-partner "of the integrated companies, one after another in 50 cities across the country to establish operations center for the country to provide consumers with better products and services, to build Chinas water industry companies struggle unicorn to build Chinas 10 million people in the NPC Alliance partnership ecosystem.


   May 13 is the guardian of Shenzhen Environmental Protection Technology Co. purification according to the "new journey, new start, new thinking" Sharing water purifier headquarters operations center to start a good day in 50 cities across the country partner, more than 100 partners testimony, the company formally announced to the community and the media, share a water purifier will be adhering to the "let the world people drink healthy water" for the mission, "customer first , word of mouth, "the service concept, so that users do not buy products purchase of new consumption patterns change, so that people spend less, do not spend money you can also install a water purifier for more low-income families can also be used on clean water, to protect the health of more people live and work, to more partners to provide a platform for growth, provide a platform for value creation, company to build a win-win situation, and jointly promote the healthy development of the industry to establish a benchmark for the industry to provide industry is energy and work to create a play, there is love business!

   The opening event after a month of careful preparation, the whole wonderful to share, clean water guards blueprint has set sail! The event partners in all the guests and media support, was a complete success and won the communitys recognition and famous. The event will not only allow ladies and gentlemen, here are deeply aware of the importance of healthy water drink, but also as a civic responsibility! We want to help more people to bring health to save the cost of living due to illness brings. Helped more outstanding business partners using our cutting-edge business models in the industry come to the fore, to find their own way of innovation and enterprise development. And "Let the people of the world can drink healthy water," the mission of all people work together has beenHanded down. He did not forget the early heart, temper forward!

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