Weight loss one day how much water to drink
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   Water is essential for life, lose weight naturally, without water, because water plays an important role in the metabolic process in the human body, when the body is 1% water, the metabolism will drop, thereby affecting weight loss. Moreover, the water itself can lose weight following weight loss Xiaobian a look at how much water a day to drink, right?




So now more and more people get fat people to lose weight is also increasing awareness of some friends, I heard that drinking more water can achieve weight loss results, so in the day will drink a lot of water, but the effect is not very good, these friends are skeptical enough not to drink their own water, lets look at a specific weight loss how much water a day to drink, right?


In general, the body needs every day about 2,500 ml of water, of which 300 milliliters of water from the body metabolism, the rest of 2200 ml from food and water. All of the food we eat will contain more or less water to water the vegetables and fruits most abundant. Vegetables contain more than 90% of water, fruit moisture content of 80% to 90%. Normal meal to complement most of the water, the remaining water you need to drink water get through.


Therefore, a calm state, it needs about one day to drink 6 to 8 cups (1500 ~ 2000ml), athletes may increase water demand. But, specifically, the amount of water each person needs will vary due to different metabolic. Specific calculation method, refer to the following formula:


Science water a day to be the standard (ml) = weight (kg) 脳 30 ~ 70, for example, a 50 kg woman, her daily water requirement should be 1500 to 3500 ml.

   drink water to lose weight is not better:

practice while drinking diet, people often seem to fall into such a misunderstanding, that drink the better. In fact, the right amount of water will suffice, if unrestrained drinking water can easily lead to poor blood circulation to the body, but affect the metabolism, is not conducive to weight loss, but also lead to bags under the eyes, lower body edema, obesity, stomach, etc., may also be serious resulting in impaired kidney function and so on.


by the introduction of small series, weight loss how much water a day to drink we all know, if you want to know more about the family drinking water, then continue to browse this site home security section in the content, to make family have a good living environment.




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