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   May 31, 2018 - 6 2 April, the eleventh AQUATECHCHINA Shanghai International Water Exhibition opened at the National Convention Center. Stoner STONER to join the United States ELKAY household water purifiers, public drinking water equipment dazzling debut the new water treatment industry Expo event.


   Stoner Stoner advertisement covering the whole hall, everywhere

   June 1, STONER Stoner and the United States reached a public drinking water ELKAY National strategic cooperation project, which is together again after the upgrade to achieve national strategic cooperation, following household water purification project.

   STONER Stoner this partnership announcement ceremony with the United States ELKAY, attracted the attention of peers and the general water purification media, exhibitors products also received praise at home and abroad.



   STONER & ELKAY booth visitors, crowds



   Stoner STONER to join the United States ELKAY cooperation conference site


   Mr. Stoner STONER CMO Zhongyu Long delivered a speech

   "STONER uphold the high-end international brand value of the internet platform strategic positioning through its own capital advantage, professional team advantage, join the United States ELKAY century-old brand, specializing in water treatment technology and products, the two sides opened a civilian water purification project good cooperation, so that today the United States ELKAY public drinking water authorization ceremony of strategic cooperation in China, is STONER brand in China and the United States ELKAY public drinking water blue ocean pilot areas, success in the future an important moment .STONER believe, overall depth strategic cooperation STONER platform and the United States ELKAY brand, will not only ELKAY brought to the United States and enhance the performance of brand influence, more to the Chinese dealers, home users, as well as schools, government, hospitals, large enterprises and institutions, public organizations bring high-quality water treatment products and service. "


   US Department ELKAY water purification in ChinaWilliam Ding, Sales Director delivered a speech

   United States ELKAY from the United States a century water purification company. From 1912, we developed the worlds first water dispenser, and today, we installed more than 600 million units straight drink machine in the world, 73 countries and regions. In 2011 we launched EZH2O integrated water station, set fast, health, and green concepts in one, the Earth has been saved 5 billion plastic bottles, creating a new fashion Environmental drinking water.


   Vice President ELKAY Chief US FrancoSavoni interview


   United States ELKAY international sales director Tom Lehmkuhl interview [ 123]

   in Europe and other developed countries, clean water, public drinking water equipment and services very well, have reached more than 80% penetration rate. In China, although public drinking water market reached 10 billion but the penetration rate is still less than 5%, a huge market prospects for future space; it also attracted more and more brands to enter the field of water purification and layout of the public. Aiken, a hundred years as a professional manufacturer in this field, are willing to products with high quality and high standards, high-end manufacturing of patented technology, to maintain the healthy and sound development of Chinas public water purification market, to guide customers with higher product experience and service.


   Ms. Stoner STONER CEO Xie Jin interview

   today, by the opening of the Shanghai International Water Exhibition on the occasion, Aiken very pleased with the net water and engineering fields very good strategic cooperation Stoner public water purification market with high quality products and Aiken Stoner advanced business model, providing customers with better products and service solutions.


   United States ELKAY & STONER authorized Stoner strategic cooperation ceremony photo

   STONER Stoner has engineering and HVAC channels in a very rich resources, but also professional sales service support team. We believe in close strategic cooperation 鑹捐偗鏂墭绾? the public will be in China in the field of drinking water, to achieve better outcomes. "


   U.S. ELKAY executives and Stoner STONER site core team photo

   Finally, under the witness to attend the conference, cooperation guests, clients and media representatives, the United States Stoner joined forces with Aiken, public drinking water will bring China market unlimited business opportunities, to bring high-end Chinese consumers really drinking experience.

   (Source: HC purification network)

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