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   safe drinking water, health checks now wider use water purifiers, it is filtered tap water filtered through a five-story, water purifiers for different treatment of various regions can be divided into 11 kinds. Water Purification Technology water purifier RO using reverse osmosis technology can be divided into, ultrafiltration, ion exchange techniques.



   RO reverse osmosis technology products are mainly used to meet the family to drink, cook, soup, tea used, the water can reach the standard of pure water; ultrafiltration technology is mainly for the purification of domestic water, the water can be fully remove bacteria, viruses;

   ion exchange technology main function is to soften water, removing calcium and magnesium ions, so that there is no scale home drinking water.

   Household water purifiers can effectively separating and removing various pollutants, water impurities such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, harmful substances and volatile substances, and retain the minerals in the water trace elements, water taste better after being purified, weakly alkaline water is safe to drink without boiling, it is home to the best drinking water solutions.

   market prospects for the future.

   life, is still the mainstream way of drinking water as bottled water, bottled water is the manufacturers of the secondary filter tap water processing, which is higher than the quality of tap water, drinkable compliance standard.

   It is also obvious disadvantages, its short storage time, once connected to the dispenser will be in the open state, the water quality will be destroyed pollutants in the air, not long-term placement. In addition, it also has a downside is the price a little expensive, long-term drinking is no small expense. The different water purifiers, water purifiers although the purchase cost is much higher than bottled water, but its useful life up to 50 years, on average, less than one-tenth the cost of bottled water every day.

   purifier may be completely improved water quality, and may achieve the standard drink; cheaper than bottled water, more hygienic. Many experts predict that the next big water purifierShow skill era of all-round popularity of water purifiers will be in full swing within 10 years

   1, pre-drainage

   in before we use, we can tap, water inlet valve, clean tap fully open, rinse until the 15 minutes until the water is clear its output without foam. Frequently during flushing tap switch (3 seconds off, 10 seconds apart) so formed pulsatile flow impact, better flushing will.

   2, testing water quality

   for the first time use a water filter when we do pay attention, for the first time in our drinking water purifier before manufacturing of water, consumers and friends should be allowed to install water quality workers to conduct a professional inspection, confirming it is safe to drink later.

   Multiplicity good reverse osmosis water purification filter safe drinking water

   3, away from heat

   [ 123] maintenance of water purifiers is very important, in order to make some of the water purifier long life, we must not rely on the gas stove water purifiers, water heaters and other appliances can emit heat too close to home water purifier is long bake baked, it will affect the life of the inner plastic member. Therefore, in the water purification installation should be kept a suitable distance from the heat source.

   4, in time to replace the filter

   Do you think the purchase of a home water purifier to put it right? Well, not exactly, we also you need to frequently replace the filter. After water purifier used for some time, its purification and quality will decline, the need for regular replacement of filters, and timely cleaning and disinfection of reverse osmosis water purifier, replace the activated carbon, KDF media and maintenance update KDF reactor device and magnetic device , replace all the seals during disassembly.

   5, away from direct sunlight

   the sun is very sinister, the sun will breed blue algae, no matter what kind of home reverse osmosis water purifier, we should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight during use, consumers should water purification machine properly protected when conditions allowed, must be placed on balconies and other places may be exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade cover or baffle near the reverse osmosis water purifier, which will play the anti-algae effect.

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