Victor purifier- Final preparations underway for the marketr
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We cast with passion and sweat performance


we write a new chapter with diligence and wisdom


come today


we have a harvest of joy


also more of a hope for the future


November 14, 2017 - November 17, 2017


"decisive battle in November."

   [ 123] National outstanding dealers Congress


   was held in Hefei Rongshida headquarters


   says it will do, the mission will be!


   in pledging site of the General Assembly,

[ 123] the dealers do not hesitate


to sign their own military orders



   next 鍝佸啝鍑€姘村櫒锛氬帀鍏电В椹喅鎴樺競鍦?鐢ㄨ鍔ㄥ厬鐜版壙璇虹敤鎴樻灉瀹¤鑷垜

battle the teams growing and increasingly enhance combat capability,


with the harvest is getting better and better and more and more,


distributors and manufacturers to create a win-win situation, which we look forward to the screen.



   These are in action + execution and results of the joint efforts of family members and dealers taken, dealer team increasingly convinced that only in the market which will produce good results, only to go out + move up, the market will reward your hard work and dedication. This New Year, want to make money, but also very easy to extremely difficult, there are ways Executive patron, very easy to make money; on the contrary, did not pay the lazy method, expect a dream come true, very difficult. 鍝佸啝鍑€姘村櫒锛氬帀鍏电В椹喅鎴樺競鍦?鐢ㄨ鍔ㄥ厬鐜版壙璇虹敤鎴樻灉瀹¤鑷垜

   In fact, the most difficult struggle in the front line or those who adhere to the dealer, when others in the rest of his hard work, when others struggle, they are more gung-ho in the struggle, not only for the team but also beware competitors.

   Life is such a need to constantly work hard to deny their own course, live to toss, not lip service, use the action and execution, the best inner thoughts or dreams to achieve, and adhere to. And today trying + hard work, but also to see that better and more successful yourself, business is so, life is even more so.

   glory lay down, move on, Victor home water purifier all the people walking on the road, please continue fighting, always ready to create the next belongs to a family .... all glory to fulfill the mission, not negative greenSpring, great trust, tempering the Endeavor!

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