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   Recently, the CCTV news source said, "Deep Sea Warrior" manned submersible at nearly 2,000 meters in the deep sea, seabed captured giant garbage dump. Wanton dumping of all kinds of garbage, not only a serious threat to marine life, but also indirectly increase the deposition of human micro-plastics.

   from twenty-three plastic bags, to garbage into pieces ...... "junk" national attention at the same time, water pollution has become a modern society can not avoid the topic.


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   in a healthy crisis, "urging" a lot of people started to awaken awareness of healthy drinking water, water purifier has gradually entered the more families. According to the "2019 China water purifier industry development report" shows that in 2018, Chinese water purification equipment market reached 14.35 million units and 386 million yuan, of which, there is a larger proportion of water purifier a barrel. The experts said that the current first-generation household water purification equipment materials aging period ushered in general, there are barrels of water purification equipment service life for too long will produce harmful substances, causing serious secondary pollution of water purification.

   Today, with the advancement of the quality of life of consumers of water purifiers also put forward higher requirements. Quality fresh, beautiful, compact, high flow ...... escalating demand also contributed to this category without bucket water purifier has become the focus of attention of consumers and industry.

   It is understood that, as early as May 28, Suning has joint Chinese Academy of household appliances, water purification HC network and the United States, Whirlpool, Patio, Angel, AO Smith, Haier, nine-yang, 3M, clouds meters, dozens of brands, jointly set up a free bucket of water purification industry early hwan new alliance. At the same time, Su Ning, a self-developed small Biu no bucket water purifier is also on sale on May 31, and has made on sale one hour sales exceeded 50,000 units results.

   Subsequently, Suning global water purifier market in GWPS2019 Summit announced: the end of 2019 there are shelves full bucket water purifier. That night, Suning kitchen and home improvement retail group president Liu issued microblogging game, Suning confirmed the move.


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   According to informed sources, recently, Suning will join industry bodies and water purification brand again, hold no bucket of water purification Renewal Alliance Forum and Suning Tesco clean water festival in summer 2019 launching ceremony, and 81During 8, the introduction of clean water free trial, subsidies and other trade activities, accelerate the era of free bucket of water purification.

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