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   fresh and healthy drinking water quality has been pressing needs of the residents, the face of this situation, many businesses have launched a program of whole house water purification system, but the whole house water purification program is not very popular, many residents there are also doubts about the whole house water purification. So how full-house water purification program it?

   To understand the whole house water purification program, we need a detailed understanding of water purification systems constitute, a complete set of whole house water purification system should have a pre-filter, central water, central water softeners, drinking straight terminal four major parts, they were treated domestic water and drinking it different needs.



   whole house water purification system constructed

   To understand the effect of whole house water purification system, we must first know that constitute a whole house water purification system , a complete whole house water purification system by a pre-filter, central water, water softener and the central terminal straight drink four major components, respectively, according to the different needs of household water treatment of drinking water and domestic water, Here we have eleven to analyze the effect of these types of home water purifier.

   Analysis of the effect of the pre-filter

   Pre-filters are typically installed in the conduit after the water meter, it is the first device to the coarse filter whole house water. It can filter tap water sediment, rust, large particulate matter, is the nemesis of secondary pollution.

   prefilter effect

   1, solution conduit secondary pollution, the removal of solid impurities, reduce water pollution diseases;

   2, effective filtration contamination municipal network, roof tanks pollution, aging pipeline, tank leakage, rust or rust tank itself exfoliation, sand, insects and animal carcasses, parasites, and other free residual chlorine disinfection;

   3, line protected system security, faucet, plumbing, water heaters, boilers, central air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines and other water appliances (water purifier, water machine, water softeners), also play a positive protective effect.

   Analysis of the effect of central water

   Central water rust performance remove large particles, sediment, suspended solids and other impurities, removal of residual chlorine and water-soluble metal, removal of pesticides, insecticides, etc. organic compounds, trihalomethanes removal of carcinogens and carbon tetrachloride, etc., effective to retain essential minerals and trace elements.

  Water purifier central role

   1, laundry and cleaning: more effective to inhibit harmful bacteria in water, washing fruits and vegetables is more assured, washed clothes cleaner;

   2, the appliance pipe: reduce energy consumption, the 30% efficiency of water heaters; remove dirt duct, increased water flow and pressure;

   3, and household drinking: make dishes, porcelain cleaner, effectively extending the other water appliances life; make drinking water taste purer, better water quality.

   Analysis of the effect of central water softener

   soft water mainly to solve the central problem of scale caused by hard water, soft water using an ion exchange principle, the above hardness removal rate (water base) of 99% can be fully soften water for all the family, the use of soft water can effectively inhibit fungal delay skin aging, life is good but no harm.

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