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  Spring women should drink tea? See you drink the right thing? Time: 2018-03-24 18:19:25

Whenever the season, our bodies need to adapt to the new environment. Heat transfer from the cold spring even more so, this season is not only important to season the best time to purify the body, but of health. And that for women, what is the same ones health will it? We start talking about health tea. More girls drink tea, I feel faint aroma, as well as detoxification beauty effect.


jasmine tea



jasmine tea can be emotional stability, boost morale, it is suitable to eliminate Chun Kun. Jasmine can help the body get rid of the cold, and its tempting aroma, early spring is suitable for drinking. In addition, it can spleen soothe the nerves, relieve stomach discomfort. In fact, for women, the most important thing it has to moisturize the skin, beauty beauty effects.


chrysanthemum tea



chrysanthemum tea relieve inflammation function is clear to everyone, whenever lit, and it occurred to me to soak chrysanthemum tea to defeat defeat fire. It is visible under fire, detoxification, heat the image in everyones mind is still very, very strong. In fact, chrysanthemum tea can also relieve inflammation in addition to effectively eliminate toxins in the body, increase endurance. Another important effect, is the Liver eyesight effect. In the spring the most appropriate Liver season, drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea Liver Liver, Liver eyesight is good. The office will need to face the little sister of the computer every day a cup of it quickly.


tea roses



When it comes to female health, roses certainly missed. In addition to the usual festival of roses as a gift, but also as a tea by many women like. Rose tea tepid, has blood to regulate menstruation, balance the endocrine, liver qi, relieve other effects of cardiovascular disease. It has a conditioning effect liver and stomach, it can help improve physical fitness, fatigue, spring is also a good health drink. More importantly, can improve dry skin, fade dark spots on the skin, is a very good beauty products saint.



is about more than the recommended spring tea, in fact, a cup of tea, then, in addition to a relationship with the season, also taking into account their own constitution. Physical-Yang, can drink tea, whiteTea, yellow tea this side of the cold tea. Physical colder, the more select black tea, jasmine tea and so on.


Of course, tea is not casually take a big mug you can drink, spend millions to buy tea of 鈥嬧€媍ourse, to let it play its role. Choose a clean glass of water purifier filters, so that the advantages of tea enjoy the release.

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