The birth of a new round ofne hundred billion water purifier
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   with the air purifier it is different, water purifiers past 10 years has been in a steady process of development in Chinese families. Although the chaos continued, a large number of small and micro enterprises fish in troubled waters. However, in the context of consumption upgrade, as long as the stick to quality water purifier bottom line, we will be able to obtain long-term development.


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   water purifier market to maintain a healthy growth in the future

   In recent years, water purifiers become a "hot" products, as a representative of health appliances appear in an increasing number of family life. PRC, according to data released in the context of the home appliance market in 2018 show downward trends, water purification equipment has maintained a 14% increase; According to statistics, the size of the domestic retail household water purification equipment market reached 14 million units, year on year growth of 7%, retail sales of nearly 40 billion, year on year growth of 17%. All walks of life are expected, Chinas water purifier market will maintain a healthy growth in the future for a long period of time.

   room for growth in China water purifier market is still huge

   The reason water purifier contrarian growth mainly due to concerns about water pollution problems, and the standard of living steadily. With the rapid development of modern industry, secondary pollution of water bodies by industrial waste chemical pollution, car exhaust, pesticides and other organic matter, as well as water pipes network, home water purifier to be the last line of defense against people drinking water pollution problems . The current penetration rate of net water from the product point of view, Chinas penetration rate is only 6%, Europe and penetration may reach 70% -80%, Japan and South Korea can even reach 80% -90%, we can see, water purification is room for growth in the Chinese market is still huge.

   the influence of varying quality water purifier market consumer recognition and trust

   However, the water purifier market in rapid development, there are many problems. Over the past decade, the development of water purifier market has experienced several ups and downs. The case now, the number of water purifier manufacturers have made rapid development over the last little bit of sporadic became thousands, and the resulting confusion in the market, counterfeit products abound, many manufacturers and products in the technology did not fully achieve a breakthrough, it is eager to enter the market, resulting in water purification products of varying quality. Water purifiers not only failed to achieve clean water, but frequently lead to health problems, a serious impact on consumerFee approval and trust of the water purifier market.

   "core" technology and the lack of foreign water purifier has a certain gap

   In addition, water purifier "core" technology bottleneck is the lack of restricting the future development of the industry. In store water purifiers, water purifiers from 500 yuan to 20,000 yuan price range, the price difference is mainly composed of filtration technology, filter size and quality decisions. Foreign brand products prices are generally higher than domestic brands, and domestic water purifier manufacturers "core" technology severe shortage. Although many domestic water purification products are labeled "remove heavy metals", "mother and child series", "acidic water beauty maintenance" and many other functions gimmick, but the essence is basically the same, still a gap compared with foreign water purification products. Deletion

   mandatory standards resulting lack of credibility of the lack of mandatory water purification industry standard

  , is becoming hinder the further development of water purification industry stumbling block. New GB empty net compared to the market, the water purifier market is still lack of uniform mandatory testing standards, the hype uncommon. Secondly, one of the major bottlenecks lagging sales service market development is also a water purifier, water purifier manufacturers part simply to sell products regardless of after-sales service, the family can not guarantee the safety of drinking water, resulting in loss of credibility water industry.

   invisible high cost and other factors purifier aftermarket industry

   different from other home appliances, the water purifier filter during filtration are attached certain impurities and contaminants, black cartridge will turn yellow over time, follow-up if improper maintenance or replacement is not timely, easily lead to "secondary pollution" of the water quality. And for the core is very high hidden costs, not to mention the price from tens to thousands cartridge prices ranging from six months to three years replacement frequency different from a year down conversion, indeed, is not a small fee. Therefore, these factors seriously affect the current water purifier industry.

   current water purifier market in the early stages of development

   stage water purifier market is currently in the early stages of development, cohabitation, and also shuffle stage, the real gold is far from over. But with the growing rise of the young consumer groups and market demand for healthy green home appliances is increasing, once the "high-end goods" will gradually become the life of "necessity."

   water purifier will usher in a period of high growth industries

   as closely related to daily lifeHome appliances, water purifier in the next three to five years will usher in a period of high growth industries, increasingly serious water pollution problems will wake up even further enhance consumer awareness of healthy drinking water, or the size of the market from the current 30 billion an increase of about one hundred billion until 2022 to reach the outlet. Who wants to take the lead to win one hundred billion market big cake, ahead of the layout, to achieve the transformation and upgrading will be in front of the only choice.

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