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   the seed sown in spring, fall, always harvest. Mixed picture, bitter and sweet, even a little hot and sour and salty. This is the current "real sketch" Chinese home appliance market. From the beginning of 2017, after entering 2018, a growing number of appliance manufacturers realized that the complex consumer market, far beyond the experience of the manufacturer, model and routines in the past, many people are unable to adapt appliances. In this situation, a growing number of household electrical appliance enterprises, businesses are in tension, panic stall, unwise.

   decline in electricity business growth rate, expected as early as among appliance manufacturers. If, 20 years ago, the Chinese home appliance retail market belongs to Gome, Suning; then, from 10 years ago, home appliance retail market belongs to Jingdong, Lynx. This is the era of the change of industry and market release of new charm; the era of electric kitchen appliance is on a star, and the water purifier is the star of this era of home appliances, but now both suffered "market changes" are releasing a signal: in an era of great change in the situation of consumption, property, and the star of any category aura will face challenges fleeting.



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   Huawei, Panasonic, Dyson, now is Chinas home appliance market hopes to "take the old road" to find new opportunities . Huawei has TV legend, finally came, the alien communication device B-end market, with successful mobile phone business into the C-terminus of the consumer market, and to achieve high-rise, allowing the outside world to see Huaweis determination and ability. Similarly, when Huawei to enter the TV news, I believe there are more companies in addition to worry pleased and look forward to Huawei can break the current large-screen TV market, "continued low-cost sales are still down," the puzzle.

   the past two years, Matsushita thinking by the rise of high-end consumer groups, to snatch the Chinese home appliances market again, thereby seeking to rally business performance and scale. The idea is always good, the reality is quite embarrassing, belong to Matsushita in the era of Chinese consumer appliances market has been completely over. Not to engage in several "new cross-border products" can win the market and users; Dyson in order to "win" snatch China and other Asian markets, which relocated its headquarters to the United Kingdom by the conservative active in Singapore, it is clear that the intention is to "in China, the emerging markets "snatch bigger cake.

> purchase volume of complaints dropped four percent of the national electricity supplier network bottleneck case

   State Administration market the latest data show that in December 2018 the country online shopping complaints received nearly forty percent year on year decline in cases. Moreover, online shopping categories of cases EXAMINED also continued to decline, compared with 43.94% decrease year on year in 2017, a decrease of 27.68 percent from the previous month, the price of which complaints fell 77.67 percent, reported price fell 53.88%. Data show that online shopping categories of cases EXAMINED cliff-style drop occurred since July 2017, was followed by continued volatility decline.

   down the net purchase of complaints, the reasons are not simple. In addition, after purchase goods online quality and service steadily, should also see that since 2018, online shopping growth is slowing, Jingdong, Lynx and other electricity providers online shopping platform began to pursue from increased growth and the number of speeds, comprehensive shift to mass increase and thickening of the profits. In the increasingly high cost of electricity supplier drainage backdrop, the surge in the past six months the number of physical stores under the calls line, which has become the general trend shows that the integration of online and offline, it will bring online shopping volume of complaints dropped.

   water purifier market growth narrowed industry into the Red Sea

   Since the beginning of 2018, the water purification industry, the end of barbarism growth, the market has entered the Red Sea from the blue ocean. Orville data show that: water purifier annual sales amount of 31.69 billion yuan scale, an increase of 17.4%, compared with 2017 growth rate fell 15.5 percentage points. Brand, the mass-market brand is cleaning out the long tail, while the concentration of the leading brands also fell. In the price level, the overall market average finished lower; on-line, power sluggish growth, companies seeking cost-effective products to snatch; online, restart the enterprise will sell mode, compete for share and intense competition across the board.

   in the home appliance market in recent years, water purifiers and new fans, etc., has been considered a "new class" to deal with and layout. However, for many Chinese families, water purifier is full of "old category" in the past 20 years of continuous promotion process, has not been able to detonate across the board in the consumer market. Now, with the water purifier market from Blue Ocean into the Red Sea, for many enterprises, the speculative space is compressed, lifting barriers to entry.

   kitchen electric market was phased saturation structural adjustment weight

   known as the "profit cheese" kitchen electric industry, almost market situation worsened in a short span of one year. Market data shows that:2018 smoke stoves eliminate all three categories decreased overall size, it is difficult to resist the line edged down the line. Brand market concentration levels improved rapidly, the top ten brand sales accounted for ninety percent. Meanwhile, the average price of very different online and offline, online and offline highest price is still the lowest. Electric kitchen new class, as sales volume rose dishwasher, embedded Zhengkao, the momentum is busy.

   fell kitchen electric industry, seemingly by chance, but in fact inevitable. In addition to increased external regulation of the real estate market, causing electric kitchen room for growth under pressure; more important reason, is the original means of competition and market development model kitchen electric company, unsustainable. Thus, in 2019 standing on a new starting point for the development industry, the biggest challenge facing the kitchen electric company is the high-end product structure adjustment, retail channel diversification, diversification and interactive means. However, this is for a second and third tier kitchen electric company is undoubtedly a long way to go.

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