The rapid development of water purification industry agents
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   As the water purification industry is developing rapidly, the market prospects are willing to join the water purification industry people is also increasing rapidly. For these water purifiers new signing agent, you want better access to water purifier market, the most important thing is to make sales. Water purifiers joined agents how to better carry out sales agents to join it to increase salesll have to do the following five points:?



   First, develop an appropriate pricing strategy

   in the development of product prices, the Chinese water purification agents to join the network should recommend local level of consumption as the basis for reference and to develop, in conjunction with the local consumers buying habits, as well as income levels, there are cultural traditions and consumer orientation, etc., to be considered. Of course, this price also includes the development strategy of the development of the second groups and terminal retail price, etc., the price system.

   Second, analysis of target channels

   analyze the target channels, targeted to develop operating practices. Length analysis of various channels, pros and cons, focusing on distribution rate, the sensitivity of the information and communication market management difficulty and other content to different target to develop targeted operating practices.

   again, enhanced terminal enforcement

   different terminals in the dealers strategy to share 位 are not the same, the dealer should be combined with their ability to control the strategic planning and market conditions screening of the terminal, the terminal and determine the outstanding focus resources and energy market operations. Built on the excellent end marketing database and shared throughout the system, keep abreast of customer needs.

   Fourth, the timely distribution in

   water purifier wide range of products, almost every manufacturer will have several series of products on the market at the same time, agents can not be a one-time joining in with a lot of stock on a product. Therefore, distribution follow-up work was extremely important, it is necessary to do: short cycle, fast, full strength, wide coverage; at the same time to establish the scientific work processes, sum up the work results, reasonable arrangements for the work plan.

   Finally, improve service

   To ensure that the terminal maintenance services required are perfect. Establishment of the terminal is not only beneficial to sales, but also to show their products and services channels. Therefore, the material needed to build the terminal, as well as spiritual needs must be metServices must be in place. Usually water purification products sale period is relatively long, so the business or shop sales team and after-sales service awareness team to be very perfect. In China water purifier net it seems, Chinas water industry product homogeneity is more serious, to better highlight the advantages of its own brand, the service becomes more and more important, however, to do service only by the manufacturer or dealer to do a party, we will certainly face many difficulties, such as manufacturers are not far away from the end consumer to give timely help, agents due to the limitation of not taking into account the strength of sales and after-sales service, it is necessary to avoid weaknesses manufacturers work together to serve each customer their own.

   Because of the water purification industry competition intensified, so the combination of market rules to good planning is very necessary.

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