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   In recent years the country continue to burst serious water pollution incidents, such as Shanxi amine leak, sewage straight row of West Lake in Hangzhou, the influx of waste water plant in Ningxia Yellow River, Lanzhou water benzene as excessive. Water pollution not only damages the environment, but also seriously affect peoples drinking water safety. That is why, to water purification industry has brought a huge market potential, water industry today became the most fiery sunrise industry.

   Water is the source of life, humanity can not survive without water, then there is no health and safety of drinking water, how could people healthy that? How to solve the problem of drinking water quality, the method we have adopted each different. After boil water for drinking and bottled water choice is the choice of most families, there are only a small part of households use a water filter. Many ordinary families adopt its own approach to improve drinking water quality. Some families adopt "after precipitation water use", "tap water plus a small amount of alum precipitation", "self-made activated carbon filter" in order to purify water.



   Many families in the face of such frequent water pollution incidents, have expressed intention to buy water purifier, which also reflects from one side of the water purifier market huge. Appliance stores in a growing number of water purification products, advertising is overwhelming. Many consumers want to buy water purification machines, but do not know how to choose. These are water purification technology because consumers do not sufficiently understand, in fact, technology is often used in water purifiers include activated carbon filtration technology, PP cotton filter, KDF filter, ceramic filter, reverse osmosis membrane filtration, ultrafiltration membrane filtration. Although now many consumers buy water purifier are in a wait and see situation, but with the continuous improvement of peoples health awareness and increasing water pollution, water purifier magic moment seems to have become the most effective solution to the problem of drinking water. As long as consumers buy water purifier, look for the brand, selecting water purifier drinking water for their family environment, they will be able to alleviate the problem of drinking water.

   China water purifier industry is currently in a steady rise, the market has great potential, if want to join the water purification industry agents should spotted the opportunity to choose a good brand to join the achievements of the water purification industry wealth the road.

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