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   the moment, market competition intensified water purifiers, water purifiers traditional single store sales increasingly difficult to meet the needs of businesses and peoples daily needs. With the continuous development of the times, does not factor in the orientation of the water purifier market is gradually increasing, which led to the current water purifier enterprises are facing competitive pressure from all sides.

   where investment work has not only become an effective way for enterprises to expand the market share, some companies also become a means to ease the competitive pressure on the market. However, water purification industry, has become one of the channels to compete for the enterprise development process more prominent trend.




water purifier enterprises are facing competition "pressure Alexander" Business and Investment primary and secondary should be clear

   water purifier enterprise channel battle, brought to the cusp [ 123]

   in recent years, both first-line or second-line brand brand water purifier market share, mostly showing zero growth or negative growth trend. Have to say, new water purifier industry has reached a crossroads. The water purifier business, particularly in the area of 鈥嬧€媏lectronic commerce, is unstoppable trend, cannibalize sales of the water purifier market. With the development of water purification technology, the next 1--3 years in the field of water purifier market will usher in a raging trend, channels battle pushed to the cusp.

   beyond traditional "base", attention to the cultivation continue to improve aspects of the

   Now, water purification product line and technology of dealers, war will become a channel of water purifier business the next battle ground. Why enterprises should even mid-month reseller channel open meeting? On the one hand, manufacturers cultivate channels too quick success, impetuous loss of the entire industry and water purification products channels, leading water purifier companies can not very well precipitate building in the channel, with the desire of the local market mature distributors, reduce the channel construction and the dealer cost is very difficult to cultivate. On the other hand, "spoon-fed" investment behavior become the industry dealer meeting of the "vicious circle", put aside the traditional "base" strategy, focusing on market sales, while ignoring the cultivation of dealers. Unlike the relationship between companies and distributors of public interest, not the feelings of the long-term plan to keep distributors, dealers really make money, but also to channel long-term development.

   water purifier companies need to choose the channel business model

   Although many industry insiders believe that the water purifier business channels should be diverse, its constructionIt should be set up with their own characteristics. But the actual situation, leveraging traditional channels are still the moment when the new water purifier business transformation, driving sales growth in the most efficient and effective way. Marketing conferences every year, particularly this years conference. More and more companies will channel tentacles extend to the county municipal market, have to say that in 2015 the channel will continue to dispute the county municipal market.

   In short, the increasingly fierce competition in the water purification industry, water purifier business want to win the market, consumers win, not only in the election of the channel, the channel picked the right business model, more important still that the channels philosophy of consistency and sense of identity, from selling products to selling the concept, water purifier dealers enterprises in order to win the heart of cultural indoctrination and communicating corporate values 鈥嬧€媋re also very important, so that dealers and businesses toward the same forward direction, water purifier business to go further.

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