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With the development of water purification industry, water purifier manufacturers also accelerated the pace of expansion, but many companies in the market terminal building has not kept pace. Terminal building, including "hardware" and "software" in two parts, focus only on the image of the store when the store terminal stage enterprises in the construction of a number of water purification, into the "hardware" aspects of counter style, product display methods, while ignoring marketing personnel quality, management ability dealer "software" building, which influences the water purifier shops terminal building levels.

   in the development of water purification industry, the terminal is always a window to the outside market, the terminal is the perfect combination of show and corporate culture, brand image, product and personnel. Official says, "the terminal building to hardware and software two grasp with both hands." Water purifier "hardware" focused primarily on standardized decoration stores, focusing on product display vivid, eye-catching advertising and other characteristics, so that the terminal highlights the brands first line of landscape, form the store brand recognition in consumer awareness of the heart. The enterprise "software" building is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

   1. The maintenance of customer relations situation

   a profound understanding of water purifier, the terminal plays a connecting role in the dissemination and circulation of cultural brand of the product, and therefore for the terminal, maintenance customer relations and customer relations between the terminal and between consumer good companies is critical. First of all, customer relations between manufacturers to ensure that enterprises can maintain market policies as well as new market information effectively reach the terminal, the terminal operating conditions and actually dynamic product can also be timely feedback to the company. Secondly, customer relations between the terminal and the consumer can not only maintain steady sales increase, but also to really make the brand deep into the heart of customers.

   2. To enhance the quality of personnel

   person is the determining factor in winning end, it is the landing point and basis points across the soft terminal. Only those with a well-trained staff in order to end the winning end. Therefore, the water purifier should attach great importance terminal staff training, from the corporate culture, work practices, sales skills and career planning and other aspects, so that every dealer Purchasing Guide and rapid growth. Purchasing Guide outstanding dealers and gold medal contest held every year purifier, also aims to improve the overall quality of all terminal personnel.

   3. Business awareness and brand cultureAgree

   As we all know, the essence of the brand is a result of one set of values 鈥嬧€媏nterprises by the consumer or customer communication and exchanges reached its essence is the brand culture and business awareness from the enterprise to the terminal and then to consumers the transfer process level, and the terminal just playing the role of the middle of the transition. "Business awareness and brand culture only recognized terminal, terminal staff and instill it may spread to consumers. For consumers, the only identity and brand awareness of your business culture, it may be loyal to your brand and products . "water purifier responsible person said.

   the face of fierce competition in the market water purifier, water purifier companies must grasp the terminal building, forging strong terminal only to the upper hand in the new round of competition in the market. Therefore, manufacturers of terminal building heavy water purifier must not "hard" light "soft" and only through "soft" "hard" and facilities, in order to win more market discourse.

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