Water purification industry reshuffle enterprises need to ac
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   In recent years, the rapid development of water purification industry, attracted many investors to get involved, triggering a new round of competition tide, the industry reshuffle began to accelerate, and then change the rules of the market is the survival of the fittest, water purifier business only xiu internal strength in order to remain invincible in the fierce competition.




water purifier companies need to accelerate the industry reshuffle xiu internal strength (picture from the network)

   water purification industry into the "shuffle "the

   By 2015, the continued downturn in the real estate industry, home appliances direct impact on the downstream industry, and the current policy to suppress high-end consumer, high-end office buildings and hotels, hotel, luxury consumption is reduced, resulting in high demand for water purifiers plummeted. In addition, with the overall real estate market downturn, water purification engineering industry customers, retail customers while reducing demand, resulting in an overall decline in industry performance, and as a "born that is saturated" water purifier industry has been unprecedented impact, enter a new round of "shuffle."

   water purifier industry has excess capacity problem, especially now the performance of market reshuffle. According to incomplete data show that nearly two years of concentrated blind production plant has a lot of water purifier in the shutdown state. Decoration shrinking trend in market demand, increased competition in the water purification industry, plus a few years ago has been showing negative effects of blind investment, or the water purification industry will usher in a new round of "shuffle."

   water purifier companies need to develop three practice

   face of fierce market competition and development trend of the industry, different companies have different development paths and ways, and for water purification industry to become bigger and stronger, product, brand, marketing is three core competitiveness of enterprise development, want to have the development of these three companies must practice good! At the same time, technology, research and development, finance, management, human resources five factors is essential, and only large-scale production to produce benefits. Recommendation has entered the lack of core competitiveness of the water purification industry enterprises, to promptly withdraw, have not yet entered the business to be rational and prudent.

   Leaders also need to continue to progress

   business leader product, brand, marketing three sword in hand, can not do without the leadership of enterprise development, water purifiers for business leaders, Yang Ji suggested that the water purification industry has its particularity, higher demands on business leaders only understand technology, grasping the production, managementThe complex managers to be competent, which is an important factor in the development of water purification industry constraints. In this respect, water purifier business leaders, organizational structure, distribution of power and other more worth considering.

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