See through -Beautiful Lies- water purifier trained eyes of
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   At present, the water purifier market is still chaos, lack of uniform standards to regulate. Water purification businesses in order to successfully sell their own products, using various means to deceive consumers, increase product sales. Under such market conditions, consumers should see through the water purifier "Beautiful Lies", trained eyes.




see through "Beautiful Lies" water purifier consumer trained eyes

   "Beautiful Lies" of the sugar-coated bullets: promotional discounts

   [ 123] when every festival or major event, water purifier business or businesses will use the means of promotional discounts to attract consumers to the best of their own products can boast of hype, and make a profit without tears . It appears that the water purifier business or businesses lose everything, unprofitable, consumers got a lot of cheap, in fact, it is only through promotional discounts to weave the "beautiful lies."

   water purifier companies or businesses in promotional activities, to raise the price of a product and then discount, or shoddy, with the appearance of the packaging is good and the substance of inferior products to be sold. At this time, water purifiers to consumers eyes, saw the water purification products. Different types of water purification products have different prices. Before making the purchase, water purifier consumers can go online to gather relevant information about, there are different prices for a general understanding, so that, at the time of purchase, it will not suffer.

   "A Beautiful Lie" is deceptive: Certification tricks

   In general, only by the State Environmental Protection Administration of Environmental Certification Center of the "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification", which is often said that the "ten Central authentication "is more authoritative green flag. And, allowed to use the logo of product quality requires not only qualified, but also in line with the production, use and processing of specific environmental protection requirements, compared with similar products, has low toxicity and less harm, saving resources and other environmental advantages.

   Thus, to see the advantages of such sales, water purifier business have played green card, in fact, really is not much to get the authorities to admit, there are many on the market, some enterprises to "fake green" to flicker consumer. At this point, consumers do not easily listen to the discourse of environmental protection and the like, but also depends on the quality of the product itself, do not be fooled by the rhetoric.

   "A Beautiful Lie" is a recipe for disaster: Filter replacement

   water purifier consumer after the completion of the purchase process, but also pay attention to after-sale problems. Water purification products have a very important device that filter. The filter is good or bad, to some extent, the life of water purification products, as well as the quality of the drinking water.

   at the time of purchase, the water purifier business or businesses will make a lot of promises. After purchase, some businesses would be careless. Thus, water purifiers to bring consumers the invoice, the business settled, the filter should be changed regularly, so to protect their drinking water safe.

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