On Star Group introduced two new exemptions and three reduct
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   Under the State Council, strong leadership, people across the country to come together and achieved initial victory in the fight against the epidemic! Epidemic control, recovery of all things! Lord comes as the Lantern Festival, the CPPCC National Committee members, the National Federation of the Standing Committee on Star Group Board of Directors Xi Dingzuo Acer Group to convene an emergency meeting again, requiring the country on Star Groups Universal Port and on Star home, to respond positively to the call of the party and the government when the strong support of global brand and business partners, solidarity, responsibility to play, overcome difficulties, win-win future!

   support the implementation of a special policy for all the countrys monthly Global Port and Star decided by the home shopping group. As follows:

   First, the new crown health insurance for all global pneumonia in Hong Kong, on Star home business frontline sales staff and all front-line staff on Star a total of about 3 million people nationwide, total office 3.0 billion.

   Second, to provide free lunch (tentative month) the countrys Universal Port, on Star home sales in all business line staff monthly Star Group.

   Third, the countrys Universal Star Group in Hong Kong for the month, on Star home sales in all business frontline staff to provide masks and other protective equipment free of charge.

   Fourth, the countrys monthly Global Port Star Group brands months rent, property management fees, energy consumption (of water, electricity and gas costs) were three cost charged by half.

   Fifth, the implementation of the National Mall brand on Star home business for three months rent charged by half.

   Six, Hong Kong for global Hubei Province, on Star home shopping, will this preferential basis, to give greater support under preferential epidemic prevention and control situation.

   Seven months Star Group to fight in the fight against the epidemic frontline medical workers, the PLA officers and soldiers, civil servants, pay tribute, and the whole society solemn promise! On Star Group Funds will be granted custody of the children in the fight against SARS frontline heroes who died in the line with the premise of the law; for funding their elderly dependents.

   eight-month Star Group to lead the team in their efforts to do business at the same time, to respond positively to the call of the party and the country, to do their utmost to mobilize all forces can be mobilized to support the front-line fight against SARS epidemic in the situation, up to win this blocking action!



   On Star Group, with the greatest enthusiasm and sincerity to the actual rowAction with partners to support global business brand, adhere to the health and safety of care for plague and lifestyle needs of frontline sales staff. Star Group reflects the month of humane care, and sincere love of fighting in front-line fight against SARS hero and his family. Epidemic no mercy, when the see the truth of trouble! He did not forget the early heart, united, help each other, temper forward! Practicing the people yearning is our goal for a better life! Practicing the glorious mission of a better life provider!

   On Star Group

   2020 February 8

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