Tim net water purification- -Blood- dyed ditches, small fact
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  Tim net water purification: "Blood" dyed ditches, small factories small workshops Stopped Author: Tim net water purification Views: 832 Published: 2016-5-16 14:15:48 鎭噣鍑€姘达細鈥滆鈥濇煋娌熸笭锛屽皬鍘傚皬浣滃潑浣曟椂浼慱鎭噣瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒 Tim net water purification equipment small series every day is overwhelming pollution mind the message and made big hair, but since each incident are people angry and worried. In the other place Guanghan City, West Valley Village, a ditch for irrigation, and water quality mingled with blood-red substance, as if the whole ditch bloody red, very scary. These substances of unknown origin, in the end what is it? Harmful? According to villagers, ditch the red substance in the red material is the day 2:00 start over, they would ditch beside the smell very unpleasant to taste, to around 5:00 to the entire agricultural irrigation ditch dyed red until eight or nine at night have not yet faded. We can clearly see from the photos and videos provided by the villagers, as the canal water filled with blood-like agricultural irrigation ditch, chilling. Although Murakami has installed a water pipe, the villagers not to drink canal water, but this water is used for irrigation ditches, in the face of the upcoming farming, villagers said he was helpless and very anxious, how can such water use to irrigate it? Tim net household water purifiers learned that these matter is of contaminated water from a nearby glass factory effluent. But the person in charge of the factory was accused villagers actually deny his identity, said he "is not Guanghan people," is to "watch." However, reporters asked this red substance when there is no harm, but the other side looks very determined to say "should not harm", just listening to the extreme ignorance. Local sources produced in processing plants get together 67 years ago to open in Valley Village, and since then, water pollution, air pollution problem after another. This time, unknown red substance pollution, regarded as a very serious. As for this matter in the end there is poison, Guanghan City Environmental Protection Bureau chief engineer, they have to ditch were tested, tested, ditch water color, ammonia and other indicators exceeded. They are still investigating, there are no toxic substances on the red they did not dare to conclusions, is now determined to be contaminated happen.

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