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Recently, the typhoon also caught up with Valentines Day, two consecutive typhoons landed in Guangdong area, coastal cities have suffered some storm "baptism." Note that while everyone in the wind, but also to pay attention to water, especially in hard-hit areas, heavy rainfall will lead to the destruction of pipelines, pumping stations flooded situation and so, in turn, affected residents quality of drinking water. Therefore, after the typhoon rainstorm, residents should pay attention to changes in the drinking water quality of observers, when the color of the water turbidity, suspended solids, odor or significant abnormal water temperature, water pollution is likely to occur, should be promptly reported to the health supervision department the situation and stop the water.



Of course, if the family has installed Bailey water purifier would be even nicer, water purifier is now known as the most suitable for families solve the problem of water pollution equipment. Bailey water purifier with advanced filtration technology, filter material all adopt international famous brand products. Bili water purification filter arranged six: 1 micron PP cotton quality, strong barrier rust, sediment, eggs; fossil mineral nutrition, natural filter, adsorption of heavy metal precipitation elements beneficial to human body; KDF high purity, is removed residual chlorine, inhibiting microbes, preventing the accumulation of hard scale; activated double-efficient, a large adhesion area, adsorption chlorine, algae, and some heavy metals and organics; fossil mineral nutrition, natural filter, adsorption of heavy metal, the precipitation of elements beneficial to humans ; high purification membrane, 0.01 micron filtration, safe to remove bacteria, minerals retained.



Further Bili its exclusive water purifier, filter larger area of 鈥嬧€媍ontact with water, more water than ordinary water purifier, and reverse can be washed structure avoid internal bacteria, prolong filter life. The removal of pollutants in water, safe water and healthy at the same time, but also improve the taste, so Bailey water purifier is not only a function of the high-tech products, to enhance the quality of life but also a home fashion products.

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