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   how healthy drinking water is important to us. Learn the proper use of water purifiers, water is essential to our health, so, as a user of the water purifier you should try to understand everyday life we 鈥嬧€媢se water purifiers matters should be noted that, following Xiaobian a look purify water directly to drink it?




With the aggravation of the situation of environmental pollution, water quality introduction worrying. Therefore, many residents choose a water purifier that "small water purification experts" to safeguard water security and improve quality of life, following up specific look purify water directly to drink it?


the average family to buy, that is the whole house water purification are used for central water, and not just drinking water purification. Water purifier connected to the main pipe are generally in the cabinet below, of course, there on the cabinet, usually installed in the kitchen. If you drink, the general is connected directly to a small Unicom water purification drinking fountains connected to the top of the bucket, but the water purifier can drink is the national drink of water standards.


in household water purifiers water for use, if you encounter water without water, the aging of the main pipe drinking galvanized waterway will bring a lot of rust, sediment, water quality is poor, so to rinse sewage and then use a water filter.


After 1 year of household water purifiers (affected by local water quality), part of the membrane pores will be clogged dirt, water production which will gradually decrease, but the quality of water is still eligible, if need be cleaned citrated acetic acid or diluted cleaning ultrafiltration membranes, non-professionals do try.


When the use of household water purifiers, such as when a fault occurs close the water inlet valve immediately cut off the water purifier, call the installer, water purifier is small filter device, there is a certain structure complexity, non-professionals do not disassemble.


due to internal water purifiers have water, more than three days without the use of water purifier, the water purifier front of the bacterium may be excessive (not at least have fresh), water purifiers to deal with repeated use again cis rinse 2-5 minutes, until the water in the water purifier until the drained.


When installing home water purifier, the front end of the valve needs to be installed separately, most manufacturers have distribution purifier water three links, not using valve should be closed to prevent the water in through the case, tap water hammer, the moment excessive pressure results in damage to the water purifier.


By the introduction of small series, purified water is able to drink directly, if you want to know more about the family drinking water, then continue to browse the contents of this site home security, so that the family can drink safe water.




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